Bing Translator returns!


One of the search engines that seemed like competition for Google was Bing by Microsoft Network as it seemed like the giants on the internet can only be tackled by the giants in the operating system. However, re-reading this sentence would be considered a joke now as Google is miles ahead of any search engine put in its way. According to the statistics, around 94% of the Internet uses Google as its default search engine.



In 2013-2014, Bing finally took a break from trying hard to compete with Google and pushed their focus on making integrated add-ons on social media websites. Such as the Bing translator on Twitter! The Bing translator on twitter was introduced in late 2013 as a tweet translator to the user’s default language.

The Bing translator was a hit on twitter as it easily made communication possible between people belonging to two entirely different languages. However we also saw the translator become a victim of sarcasm from time to time on Facebook pages because of its wrong funny translations. Well, in around September 2014, Bing translator vanished from twitter. Many thought this was the end to their add-on integration phase as well, but that didn’t happen as two days ago, Bing made its return to twitter.


However, it seems that the powerfully integrated translation add-on has only become a part of twitter’s very own tweetdeck, but not the chief social media website entirely.

“Tweetdeck users can now experience the bing translator as of the latest update,” A bing representative responded when asked. “Whenever there’s a tweet that is anything other than the default language of the user, it’ll automatically provide an option for the user to translate the tweet.”

The tool is back and it’s working great on the famous twitter client that has been my personal favorite for years now. As a journalist Tweetdeck seems like a blessing as it arranges all your streams in one place on your screen and even allows you to create custom streams of your own choice. With the Football January Transfer Window open for around 2 more weeks, the Bing translator acts like a blessing. Users can easily keep an eye on Spanish and German transfer gossip without being confused.

Even one of the most reliable football agents on twitter (@DiMarzio) tweets in Spanish, the bing translator helps users stay connected and is slowly becoming a hit with its integration on Tweetdeck.

Although, is any online translator reliable? The answer is no. So is Bing. It does 70% of the job but sometimes the sentences don’t seem to make sense and the whole thing becomes a waste.

When talking to twitter officials, they clarified the situation as under control. Twitter says that the Bing integration was only to receive international tweet bonds during the world cup season. However because of a huge number of requests they’ve brought back the feature into its favorite twitter client, tweetdeck. Although the reason for not integrating it into the main website still remains unclear. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.