Better Twitter Marketing for More Sales and Promotion

Better path towards Twitter marketing

Last updated September 13th, 2013 at 07:19 pm

Nearly all People use Twitter profiles for their better twitter marketing business promotion or just for fun but mostly Twitter is used by Professionals and Businesses to promote their business but there are few of them who are able to promote their business and make more sales through their Twitter profile.


Btter twitter marketing to increase sales, Generate more leads, and promote your business through better twitter marketing / twitter profile.

better twitter marketing

Optimizing your Business Profile:

The best thing you can do to promote your Business on Twitter is to optimize your profile for your business. Here are some major changes you can do to make a better Twitter Profile.

+Use the logo of company as a profile picture on Twitter.

+Adding your website’s Link in the profile’s info.

+Use keywords Related to your business as Hashtags (#) in your Bio.

+use your Business name as Twitter Handle and Twitter Username.

+Use customized Background to Suit your Company and Business.

+Use customized Cover Photo for that profile.

Offering Discounts

If you are running some promotional Discount campaign like some coupon codes etc then must use those codes in your tweets where you are promoting the link of that promotional Page or Post.

Stay Connected

According to Twitter and Observations of many Big Marketers and Analysts, the profiles tweets most often are more likely to be followed by people.If we apply this rule here we can conclude that if a Business Profile tweet more often, it can get more followers which indirectly means More Sales and Leads in Business.

Spend some time to answer the Mentions and Direct Messages on Twitter, in this way people do more retweets and it gives a Positive impression on them that this Profile is an active Business and It cares about customers.

Monitor the Popularity of your company

You can use Twitter to measure the effect of social media and followers on your Business and also the popularity of your business among your followers so that you could take better steps to improve your business.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Twitter makes it easier to keep an eye on competitor’s Businesses and Activities. If someone is getting popular or getting more sales you can use the keywords or hashtags they are using or what they are posting on their blogs and profiles to get Popular or Viral.

Another point that you can monitor if someone is saying bad words about them and you can Leave those weak points which are taking them down in the business and try some Better tactics to Market your Business on Twitter.

Other Tips

Make friends on twitter and ask them to promote your business, you can get your business much viral through exchange of tweets with friends having lot of followers.

Visit around Twitter, Search for similar people and businesses using related keywords and Hashtags (#) and follow the people related to your business and make relationship with them to make wider and effective social circle to market your products and business. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.