Best Zoos To Visit From All Over The World


Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 07:26 pm

Be it children or adults, zoos have always been a fascination. All the amazing kind of animals that exist in the world ranging from exotic, wild with farm animals, collected in a single place in a systematic way is something everybody wishes to watch. The traditional concept of zoos is changing in the present day world like all the other means of entertainment. You just don’t have to watch animals caged and tied to this concept in your mind that they have been rooted from their homes and put in some prison. Modern day zoos are particularly good at preparing an environment for animals that is very much closer to the one they experience in the farms and forests. So you get to enjoy the scene without that little feeling of guilt. Zoos are found all over the world but following ones have been selected to be among the top ones.


1- Bronx Zoo, New York

One of the world’s largest metropolitan zoos, Bronx zoo is located in the Bronx no rough in the New York city. This zoo holds a collection of 4000 animals that are the representatives of around 650 species from all over the world. It is spread around 265 acres. It has parklands and naturalistic habitats and an amazing and unique feature that the Bronx river flows through it. This zoo which is keeping some of the endangered and threatened species has outdoor as well as indoor collections. The outdoor ones hold lions, zebras, gazelles, storks, giraffes, wild dogs, waterfowls and rhinos. Indoor exhibits comprise mainly of otters, gibbers, leopard and tapir. Jungle World, Butterfly gardens, World of birds, Madagascar are some of the names given.

Bronx Zoo

2- Berlin Zoo Logical Garden

A collection of almost 17500 animals belonging to 1500 different species, the Berlin zoological garden is one of the oldest zoos of Germany that is spread over an area of 34 hectares. It tops in being the most visited and popular zoos in the whole of Europe having millions of visitors every year. Born and breed under the supervision of the Berlin zoo, the polar bear Knut has contributed much to increasing the traffic of the zoo in some recent years. It also has the privilege of homing the eldest known Giant Panda in the world, Bao Bao. Both Knut and Bao Bao died. Other animals of interest include rhino, gears, rare pigs and deers. The rare species are a part of the captive breeding project.

Berlin Zoological Garden

3- Basel Zoo Switzerland

Zoologisher Garten Basel, is the official name of this zoo located within this city of Switzerland.It is among the top tourist attractions in Switzerland, one of the oldest and most visited. Its breeding program has been successful with a lot of rare and endangered species. Most notable are the births of the Indian rhino, flamingo, cheetah and hippopotamus. It has exhibits of animals from Australia  and Africa. Among the breeding experiments, done on aquarium species was also successful and this department is a home to many types of reptiles, amphibians and penguins.

Basel Zoo

4 – Animal Kingdom Orlando

Animal kingdom is located in Bay Lake Florida. An artificial tree represents this whole kingdom and is called as the tree of life. The seven themes of the kingdom include oasis, Africa, Discovery Island, Camp Minnie Mickey, Rafiki’s planet watch, Asia and DinoLand USA. An Avatar land is in planning for the future. All these unique features make this one of the most fascinating kind of zoos and is a tourist attraction from people worldwide.

Animal kingdom orlando

5- National Zoo Logical Park United States

Composed of two campuses, a part of Smithsonian institute, National zoo is one of the oldest in the United States. Its mission is to provide training in animal care, science and education. Having 2000 animals of 400 species, a big proportion of them is endangered species. This zoo is a home to many reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects and Aquarian animals but boosting the public image is attributed to giant pandas. Giant panda habitat, Asian trail, elephant trail, lemur island, small mammal house, great ape house and think tank are some of the famous exhibits.

National Zoological Park USA

6- Singapore Zoo

The Singapore zoo also commonly known as the Monday zoo is located on the margin of upper Seletar reservoirs. Having some of the endangered species, the animals belong to 315 exotic species. It has long been known as opposed to the concept of displaying animals in hidden cages both in open forest like fields. Orangutans are the most famous exhibits. Tiger Trek, animals from wild Africa, Asia and Primate kingdom are the main collections of the zoo.

Singapore Zoo  

7: Toronto Zoo

This famous zoo of Canada is located near the Rouge river. Divided into seven zoogeographic regions this is spread over 287 hectares. It has both indoor and outdoor exhibits and some special areas like the kids so, waterside theatre and splash island which are an attraction especially for kids. Indo Malaya, India, Canada, Australasia , Eurasia, Tundra and discovery zone are famous exhibits. It is a home to 5000 animals and is oldest in Canada.

Toronto Zoo

8: Austria Zoo

Located in the state of Queensland, this famous zoo is a tourist attraction which gained huge popularity from the series, the crocodile hunter . A wide array of reptiles especially crocodiles can be seen all over. Other famous exhibits include elephants, sarcasm, tiger temple, rain forest aviary and Africa. Visitors can also enjoy feeding kangaroos and koalas.

Austria Zoo

9: Beauval Zoo France

Located in central France this zoo carries the responsibility of breeding endangered species so that they can be sent to other zoos. It is a major tourist attraction. Largest exhibits include La Savanna African, Australian house, Bassin des La mantis, Gorilla complex, big cats and many smaller animals.

Beauval Zoo

 10: San Diego Zoo

A home to over 3700 animals, this zoo is located in California and hold the name for being amongst the few zoos of the world that carries giant pandas. The view of almost 75% of the zoo is provided with the help of a tourist bus. Animals are placed in exhibits resembling their natural habitats and worth mentioning are monkey trails, forest trails, Owens aviary, Scripps aviary, panda trek and gorilla tropics.

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