25 Best Cheap Wireless Headphones for PC Gaming 2017/18


Last updated October 10th, 2017 at 01:06 pm

A gamer always looks for a headphones from which he can hear a crystal clear sound. In the market there are hundreds of headphones available for gamers but their sound is not clear. Finding a perfect headphone is like finding a jewel from the sea. Wire of headphones also becomes a hurdle between you and gaming.


A gamer also wants beautiful designed headphones to which he can wear comfortably. These are the things which gamers wants in their headphones; Crystal clear sound, Wireless, beautifully designed and easy to wear.

25 Best Wireless Headphones for Pc Gaming 2016

To fulfill these needs of gamers we have a done a little efforts by placing the best headphones for gamers at one place.

We have searched hours for the best headphones for gamers and placed them at one place so that gamers can have wonderful gaming experience with these headphones. They are not so costly. They are beautifully designed, they have clear sound, comfortable to wear and don’t have any wire, Bluetooth is required to connect them.

We hope you will enjoy our list and buy at least one of these headphones. Because you won’t better headphones than these. So read the list and select your headphone. We will be thankful if you share this list with your friends. Enjoy the list of “best wireless headphones for pc gaming”.

1.Turtle Beach PC Gaming Headset

This headphone is available on 23% discount. It has 15 hours of gameplay time with crystal clear sound. It also has a microphone attached, so that you can also have an audio chat in multiplayer gaming. =>Buy Now


2.Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset

You can save $71 on this headphone because it is available on 44% discount. It has a battery time of up to 10 hours. It also has a noise cancelling microphone attached with it. => Buy Now


3.Sentey B-Trek Gaming Headset

Available on 68% discount. Sound quality has been improved, now you can hear crystal clear sound from it. Ideal headphone for gaming. It also has built in microphone in it. => Buy Now


4.Sades D802 Gaming Headset

Available on 3 different colors. You can have the best vibration experience on this headphone. It has pause/play, vibration adjustment, microphone and usb plug on it. Buy on 17% discount. =>Buy Now 


5.Sentey GS-4731 Gaming Headphone

Available in white and black color. Enjoy the high definition sound of your video games with this headphone. It is very comfortable. It also has a microphone attached with it. Available on 51% discount. => Buy Now


6.Winkeyes Wireless Gaming Headset

You can attach this headphones with PS, Xbox, PC, Mac, WII and TV. It has an amazing noise cancellation feature. You can connect it with Bluetooth up to distance of 10 meters. => Buy Now


7.Mictech Gaming Wireless headset

It can be attached with every Bluetooth device. It has multi-functional buttons on it which allows you to control the volume, answer phone calls etc. => Buy Now


8.HUHD Wireless Gaming Headset

Available in blue and black color. It requires 5 hours for charging, then works for 15 hours, produce high quality sound and can connect from up to 10 meter with any bluetooth device. => Buy Now


9.Sentey Bluetooth Headphones

It has very comfortable earcups. Battery life is up to 8 hours. It has LED light indicator. Enjoy HD gaming experience with crystal clear sound. Buy it now and get 77% discount. => Buy Now


10.HAMSWAN Gaming Headset

This headphone is specially designed for gaming. Battery life is 12 hours after getting charge for 5 hours. Available on 35% discount.=> Buy Now


11.Andoer® Wireless Gaming HiFi Headphone

It has the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Specially designed for gamer. It has HiFi sound quality. => Buy Now


12.Ematic Wireless Headphones

Headphones contains a built in microphone which helps you to chat while playing games. It has FM radio feature and connect up to distance 90 ft.  => Buy Now


13.GreeGear Wireless Gaming Headphone

It has Bluetooth 2.0 technology. Battery time is up to 14 hours and charging time is 5 hours. => Buy Now


14.Creative Tactic3D Wireless Gaming Headset

It is compatible with PC, Mac and PS4. Battery time is up to 16 hours. Available in 3 different color. Order your favorite color now.  => Buy Now


15.Fuleadture Wireless Headset

It has latest bluetooth 4.1 technology. It has 45 hours of play time and standby time is 180 hours. Available on 57% discount.  => Buy Now


16.SoundBot Wireless Headset

Available in two different colors. Its unique design makes this headphone comfortable than any other headphone. => Buy Now


17.Skullcandy Wireless Gaming Headset

Available in three different colors. It provides a powerful bass. It can be connect with any Bluetooth device. => Buy Now


18.VersionTech Wireless Gaming Headset

It has a very stylish appearance and provides good quality sound, also has an FM radio feature in it. => Buy Now


19.AugustWireless Stereo Headphones

Available in 6 different colors and 41% discount. It has latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology. 10 hours of working time after getting fully recharged. => Buy Now


20.Proxelle Gaming Headphone

It has bluetooth 4.0 technology with crystal clear sound so that you can enjoy each and every moment of your game. Available on 58% discount. => Buy Now


21.iRunzo Wireless Headset

Available in 4 different colors. It has 120 hours of stand by time, can work with every bluetooth device. => Buy Now


22.MonkeyPlex  Wireless Gaming Headset

This headset is specially designed for gaming purpose. You can even listen the sound of small falling rock in game from this headphone.  => Buy Now


23.Turtle Beach Wireless Gaming Headset

This headphone is specially design for Call of Duty game series. It has 10 hours of gameplay time. =>Buy Now


24.Klipsch Wireless Gaming Headset

It has very comfortable ear cups and headband so that you won’t get disturb during gaming. Also has built in microphone to chat during multiplayer gaming. => Buy Now


25.Bingoo I680 Wireless Gaming Headset

Available on 45% discount and in two different colors. Produce high quality sound for gaming. Also has a built in microphone. => Buy Now


We hope you have enjoy our list and will buy at least one of them. Please share it with your game lover friends and let them know about this list too, so that they can also have an amazing gaming experience. If you find us wrong anywhere then please tell us about this. Your opinion matters the most to us.

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