Best Self Service Apps


Bringing innovative apps in market is essencial responcibilty of developers. These apps ease up the lives of users by their great features. The apps that help you to manage and control the functionality of your smart phone have high stakes among all other apps. All of the smart phones users use some of these apps to share or less their effort and energy.
Here are some of those highly anticipated “Best Self Service Apps” discussed briefly, that are considered a must have.


Siri for iOS

Siri is very innovative and flawless app specially designed for iOS. Siri lets you to send messages,  manage/schedule meetings, make phone calls, and much more, by using your voice! Siri is more than a software, it is your companion as long as you have your Apple product with you.

Key features of Siri are:

It not only understand accurately what you have said, but it also interprets in a way that it understands the meaning of your statement.

It helps you in your every day routine tasks, like listening to music, giving you directions to reach some specific place, waking you up. sending a tweet, posting on Facebook, launching any app, keep a check on weather, sending texts/emails, set reminders, scheduling meeting with people, and many more. It is even capable of telling you score of the game you were following last night.

Iris for Android

Iris is for Android users. It does the same task as Siri does for iOS users. Understanding your voice, interpreting it into meaningful order or a question, is the core task of Iris.

Whether it is typing a text, or playing your favourite music, or even to ask reviews about any movie, Iris is always there to help you out and perform what you dictate her to do.

Speaktoit Assistant

It provides you an imaginary assistant which you can see on your device in the form of a cartoon character. You can customize the looks of your assistant any time you want. It will serve you by performing all the tasks that you have ordered it for.

It is available on App Store, Goolgle Play and Windows Store.


Again Evi does the same job as all other such apps do. It helps you to get in-app answers, but unfortunately it doesn’t help you to manage your contacts or alarms/reminders.



Vlingo has merged with Nuance. It converts you voice commands into hand-free actions. It interprets your command, and then implement it as you have ordered it to do.

It is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia phones.

Voice Camera Pro

This app allows you to capture photos on your voice. You can yell “Shoot” to capture a photo, or “Flash” to set up the flash. This feature is supposed to be added in DSLRs in future.


All these apps are perfect and very well sufficient. It all dependps upon the user and his requirments that which app he prefers. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.