Best inventions Of All The Time

Best inventions Of All The Time

Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 11:41 pm

The evolutionary process has been going on since the beginning of human life on the planet earth. From the day one, we humans have been working hard to invent new things that can make our lives easier. In this post, we will be talking about the best inventions of all the time. Keep in mind that these are not very advanced inventions but those very basic inventions without which we would have never been able to survive in this world.


Best inventions Of All The Time

1. Language

On top of the list, we have Language. I know that so many different languages are spoken all over the world. There are nearly millions of different languages that we use to communicate with each other. Without a language, communication would have never been possible. In the early times, when men used to live in caves, sign language was used. With the passage of time, we started realizing that not only we can use different signs as a language for communication but we can also speak with the help of our tongue as well.


2. Cooking

Well, there are such people in the world that are still not fond of cooking but you can understand how important cooking is. If your chicken is not properly cooked, you will never like to eat it though, there are such people that can eat fresh flesh as well. However, we have to keep the cooking at number 2 position because without proper cooking, you can never enjoy your meal and that is a universal truth. You may have a different taste in eating but you always want your meal to be cooked properly.


3. Tools

Talking in general, one of the most important things for our society have always been tools. Not only, you can build new things with the help of tools but you can repair those things as well. If you imagine about something and want to make it a reality, you can only do that with the help of right tools. So, at number 3, we have got the tools in our list. If you are reading this post, you are already using your computer, smartphone or tablet as a tool to find information on the internet.


4. Plumbing

Seriously, can you imagine living in your home without proper plumbing? I know that the term plumbing is not very old to the human race but if you will study the history of old civilizations that lived on this planet thousands of years ago, you will realize that they had their own kind of plumbing system too. You cannot let the water spill everywhere in your house, street or town and that is the main reason why you are always in need of proper plumbing.


5. Printing Press

If you want to know when the first printing press was invented then let me tell you that it was in 1439. Before that, books were completely hand written and you can imagine how hard and long term process it would have been to make different copies of the same book at that time. However, with the invention of printing press, life became a lot easier and humans were able to write and make copies of books easily.

 Printing Press

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