Top 10 Best Egg Cookers 2020 UK – Reviews & Buying Guide

Make Breakfast Easy – Egg Cooker or Egg Boiler Machines to Buy in 2020


Everyone wants to cook breakfast as fast as they can to save their precious time. Here we are presenting you with the best and very cheap cost egg cookers for your sweet family. With these egg cookers, you can prepare dozens of eggs at once. If you wanna omelette or scrambled egg then these egg cookers can provide you with much space to prepare it.

It’s the best choice for larger families and very reliable, quick and easy to use for a cooker.
Egg cookers are of many types and features. Some come with the auto shut-off feature and buzzer which alert the cooker when eggs are ready. Even some egg cookers have a light indicator when it is powered on and the unit shuts down automatically in a case of overheating.


Their sleek and quality design can save our time than ordinary stoves where your eggs can be ready within ten minutes. Some come with the freedom of adding sausage, bacon, cheese or vegetables to make your eggs more delicious. Some are made up of food-safe plastic materials to avoid contamination and fewer side effects on your body, easy to clean and light in weight for easy carrying and storage. Measuring cups provide you with a space for pouring water up your desired firmness and built-in timer to set the suited time and then press the on-button and your eggs will be ready within minutes. Some feature a strongly built chamber that won’t stick eggs when cooking.

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A good egg cooker can provide you with the best cooking without any struggle. When using it, it must give a lot of comforts and ease required so that you get good results from your cooking. It should have removable or parts so that it can make cleaning much easier. As we mentioned earlier we are providing you with all these features at affordable prices. So, don’t waste your time and order it now. We are available for you and your families for better and reliable cooking materials.

Top 10 Best Egg Cookers 2020 Reviews

1. Swan Egg Boiler and Poacher 2020 UK

An egg cooker is a need of every family. Here we recommend you the best egg cooker suits for your big family. Very stylish, compact, and easy to use, this Egg boiler can boil up to 6-7 eggs at once. In this egg cooker, we are providing three different settings so you can cook your eggs perfectly to your taste!
Safety auto shut off in case of excessive temperature and the buzzer sounds when eggs are ready to eat.
It also comes with a durable stainless steel lid and includes a measuring cup, egg tray and egg poacher are also included for a better experience. Easy to take apart and clean, all accessories can be wiped clean.

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2. Neo® 3 in 1 Durable Stainless Steel Electric Egg Cooker 2020 UK

Neo brings you the egg cooker with 3 in 1 offer. Featuring boiled eggs, poached eggs & omelettes. This time comes with a new, improved and bigger poaching steamer tray big enough for your family.
A soft, medium and hard-boiled egg only consume 8-12 minutes hardly. Now on-off button with pilot light, buzzer and automatic shut off ease the very problems of a cooker. It also has a detachable egg tray. It has a stainless steel lid and also has boil-dry protection that automatically switches off the heating element in case of no water. A brushed stainless steel heating plate can easily be cleaned. Multi-functional egg shelf design, varied size of eggs makes it more special.

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3. Nutri-Q 34360 Healthy Eating Egg Boiler 2020 UK

Your body needs nutrients, isn’t it And also considering the need of gym guys VonShef Egg Boiler provides you with the egg cooker which meets all your needs at once. Make omelette or poached eggs with the including trays. This egg cooker can boil up to seven eggs at one time whether you like your eggs soft, medium or hard just change the water volume and let the egg cooker do the rest. The Power indicator light, automatic power turn-off and excessive temperature protection are also there. VonShef Egg Boiler also has a 2-year warranty, in case of any defect in the unit contact service providers and they’ll solve your problems in no time. So, don’t waste any time and go for it.

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4. Arendo – Electric Egg Boiler 2020 UK

Arendo Sixcook-Egg Cooker provides you with the warming function and high-quality stainless steel design. It can create your perfect breakfast of up to six eggs quickly to adjustable volume for soft, medium and hard eggs. Electrical voltage 220-240V AC 5060 Hz, electrical power 400W, Capacity 1-6 eggs, Dimensions H 13.5cm x W 22cm x D 12cm (WxHxD), Cable length approx. 0.75m, Weight 860g 670g (device only), Color black or silver (stainless, brushed stainless steel), Protection class 1, dry boil protection that automatically switches off the unit when there is no water, the buzzer, measuring cup and it also has an Egg Piercer to keep the shell from cracking during hard-boiling. Lid with steam outlet and measuring cup are dishwasher safe, easily adjustable because of its rectangular design. Don’t miss the opportunity, go and grab it.

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5. SimpleTaste Electric Egg Cooker Egg Boiler 2020 UK

Are you looking for a time saviour Here SimpleTaste Electric Egg Cooker provides you with the best experience of how to cook eggs in no time and no effort? Simply place eggs in the holder, add water, and get soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs in just minutes. The ideal kitchen tool for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time and fantastic appliance for hard, medium or soft boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, omelettes, steam vegetables, etc. The auto-cutoff function will alert you when temperature raises the required limit and the buzzer will alert you when your eggs are ready, so never worry about leaving your eggs disregarded. All removable parts are easily washable and effortlessly disassembled and clean. We assure you 100% security with a 2-year warranty. A happy purchasing experience is our #1 priority and we will happily send you a replacement if any issues arise in this regard.

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6. Severin Automatic Egg Boiler 2020 UK

Simple and white-coloured Dash Rapid Egg Cooker allows you to cook eggs in a matter of minutes, not like it takes to boil water on a stove. From boiling to poaching, our cooker does it all. The boiling tray holds up to 6 eggs, and a separate non-stick poaching tray can poach up to 2 eggs at a time. You can also make individual omelettes, poached eggs, scrambled eggs. Quality servicing is our #1 priority, we never compromise on our customers’ demand. So, don’t waste your precious time, make Dash Rapid Egg Cooker your true companion in the kitchen.

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7. Duronic EB35 Electric 7 Egg Boiler 2020 UK

The Duronic EB35 egg boiler has completely changed the way we eat eggs. Traditional electric egg boilers only have a simple OnOff switch which doesn’t have a facility to boil soft, medium or hard eggs. With this egg boiler, you can set the volume of water for soft, medium or hard eggs. There is a small needle-like thing onto the measuring cup to keep the shell from cracking during hard-boiling. It does not pierce the small side, nor pierce both sides of the egg; only one side of the egg to get the best results. By keeping in mind the better interest of our customers, we added low and high reheat functions to help you reheat eggs if not consumed on the first go, or to cook that extra bit more if you like your eggs hard. The buzzer alarm function will notify you when the eggs are ready, so all your eggs are fresh and deliciously hot. This egg cooker is beautifully designed with stainless steel coloured with white to make it stand out in any kitchen. It boils up to 1-7 eggs on a tray once at a time. The transparent lid allows you to check on eggs whilst they are being cooked to perfection. A simple red light has been built into the unit that indicates whether it is powered on or off saving you energy. A perfect match for your kitchen, so go and grab the opportunity to buy it without wasting any time.

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8. VonShef 5 in 1 Toaster, Egg Boiler & Poacher 2020 UK

The VonShef presents Multi-talented 5-in-1 Egg Boiler & Toaster which can poach eggs in the poaching dish, you can also boil them in the steamer tray whilst you can also toast a piece of bread to have some coffee with it. This handy appliance includes interchangeable plates for making up to 4 poached eggs, 10 boiled eggs or it can be a section of steamed accompaniments such as vegetables and beans depending upon your choice. Say goodbye to your pan and grab this appliance to cook eggs in no time. The plates are detachable and much smaller with non-stick coating for easy cleaning. Dimension H17 x L30 x W24cm. Position unit 15cm adjusts in any space. 2-Year manufacturer warranty at affordable prices.

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9. Geepas 2 in 1 Egg Boiler and Poacher

The speedy and versatile Geepas egg boiler gives you multi-functional experience by maintaining all the eggs nutrients and preserving the deliciousness and taste of eggs. You don’t have to put constant observation on eggs, simply set the time and it’ll notify you when eggs are ready. Get freshly cooked eggs for your breakfast with ease in no time. It has a tray of having a bigger capacity of holding 16 eggs at one time. It cooks soft, medium or hard eggs by just changing the water volume and letting the egg cooker do the rest. It has a transparent lid, and it lets you watch over the eggs as they are being cooked. This boiler can handle poaching too. Vegetable steaming is also available. It also comes with auto-shutoff, overheat protection and water dry protection that makes it more special and demanding.

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10. Wahl Egg Boiler Electric with 2 Poaching Pods 2020 UK

Wahl Egg Boiler Electric cooks up to 7 eggs at a time on a non-sticking and removable egg tray. With two poaching pods, you can easily do poaching too. You can get soft, medium and hard-boiled eggs by simply adjusting the water volume with the measurer included. No monitoring required simply set the timer and it will notify you when eggs are ready to perfection. It also comes with an instant heat feature so you won’t be waiting around. An auto cut-off feature saves your electricity. The transparent and heat resisted lid makes cooking easier. So don’t waste any time. Order it now.

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