Top 10 Best Butane Torch 2020 UK – Reviews and Buying Guide

Safety button, Excellent flame Size and High Temperature

Best Butane torch 2023/ 2024 UK for kitchen. Great design, safety button, excellent flame size, and high temperature. Butane Torch for Food, Welding, Crafting, Repairing, and Art.

A butane torch is usually known as a kitchen gadget but it can be used for crafting, repairing, art and even for the welding purpose etc. So it is very important as a customer that you look at different features and specifically the temperature of the torch as you are not going to use butane torch for cooking purpose only but also for repairing purposes.

The best butane torch must have an eye-catching design, safety button, excellent flame size and high temperature etc. The Internet is full of similar products, finding the best butane torch could be challenging especially when you have not purchased one. To help you with this, following I am sharing the list of “best butane torch 2020 UK” along with their reviews, list of features and why and why not you must purchase one.

1# Butane Micro-Torch 2020 UK

This premium designed butane micro torch has been designed for both, professional and home user. This is the original refillable micro torch which can cautiously burn up to 2 hours. This happened due to the fuel volume which has 1 26 gram gas capacity.

Its diamond-shaped rubber body design does not only enhance its look but also created in this way to give a safe grip. The give full control to the user, there has been a gas flow adjustment lever which allows you to control the flame length and even the width.

This Blazer self-igniting butane torch can be as high as 2500 F and blue torch flame. For hand free use, there is attachable tabletop stand.


  • Precision flame control
  • Up to 2500 F torch flame
  • Piezoelectric ignition system
  • Up to 2 hours of continuous burn time
  • Grid designed body (rubber).


  • Wind resistant and safe to use
  • Diamond shaped and rubber designed body
  • Control over width and length of the flame
  • Hand free use due to the tabletop stand
  • Discount over multiple purchases.


  • The price is high as compare to others.

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2# SE MT3001 Deluxe Butane Power Torch 2020 UK

If you are looking for a cheap butane torch which can give you really good time while you are making your food looks good, then you need to look at this SE butane power torch which has a built-in ignition system. This gives you 60 minutes continuous burning file when it is fully filled.

Due to its excellent temperature, the company is marketing it for jewelry maker and hobbyists too not just for culinary artists. This butane torch can give flame temperature as high as 2400 degree Fahrenheit (1315 C).

While this butane torch is very cheap in price but still there is safety lock included which allow the user to stop the flame any time in case of emergency.


  • Built-in Ignition system
  • 60 minutes burning time
  • 2400 degree Fahrenheit temperature
  • Safety lock included
  • convenient flame (continuous).


  • Available in 3 different style
  • Very affordable price
  • Butane powered and power slider
  • Continuous flame (60 minutes)
  • Jewelry maker and hobbyists can use
  • Only 8.3 ounces weight.


  • Difficult safety switch.

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3# Best Kitchen Torch | Butane Blow Torch For Home 2020 UK

This is the latest butane torch design made by XPERT’s Flame that’s why it has a very limited number of reviews but due to its low price and excellent features, it is going to be one of the best and most selling butane torches. So, we decided to give you a glitch about this torch.

This torch has been made from the highly durable sturdy metal body, have very lightweight and portable. It is made for both professional and home users for caramelizing deserts and food. To make the home user expert inflaming, the company is also giving 2 recipe book which has been published by Xperts flame and included many easy recopies to caramelizing the food.

The high flame of this torch allows other users like jewelry maker to use this torch for brazing and soldering the jewelry. For safety purpose, there is a safety button that will lock the flame (ignition) instantly. Other safety features include ergonomic handle, non-slip material, and gas flow regulator etc.


  • Adjustable flame and portable design
  • Gauge window and durable material
  • Safety lock and lightweight
  • Ergonomic handles for safety
  • 90 days money back guarantee.


  • Very lightweight and portable design
  • Free recipe books include by professionals
  • Multipurpose use butane torch
  • Made from stainless steel and durable
  • Smart design, easy to use and refill.


  • The limited number of reviews.

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4# BEST Butane Torch Kitchen Cooking Lighter 2020 UK

APES LABS is a known company for kitchen accessories then how could we forget to add their professional baking butane torch in our top 10 butane torch list? This masterpiece is made in the USA with a safety standard for both home and professional chef and comes up with a free chef hat.

Whether you are looking for a butane torch for glazing or caramelizing sugar, this small but effective design torch will do all for you including marshmallow toasting, searing a steak, melting cheese over the food and roasting vegetables etc. This is a professional torch which also allows you to use in different cocktails and can be used in and outdoor.

The maximum temperature which can get through this product is 2370 F or 1300 C which is also enough for welding, soldering and even melting different metal including gold etc.


  • Durable POM tank
  • Zero leakage of butane
  • Safety lock for children
  • Gas last 2 time more than others
  • Made in the USA with premium material
  • Smart design and lightweight.


  • Up to 1300 C or 2370 F temperatures
  • The tank is made from durable material
  • Extra large tank for longer lasting
  • Free bonus included for everyone
  • Quick ignition and hand guard.


  • Clumsy to use.

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5# Buluri Culinary Butane Torch 2020 UK

This is one of the most beautiful designed butane torches which is not only stylish but also very light in weight and works professionally whether you want to use in the kitchen, camping, hiking, baking or BBQ etc. This has been done due to 1300 Grad Celsius temperature which is perfect to cook the meat while you are enjoying BBQ outdoor with your friend.

This stylish butane torch has all the advanced features which you can find in the torch of a professional chef in any five-star hotel. It has a flame adjustment option which makes the whole processing or torching very simple and flexible. The large capacity of airbox allows you to make it long lasting while you are caramelizing your food. This torch also has an ignition device to make it work in any environment easily, simply and easily.


  • Total size is 12 x 6 x 15.5 cm
  • Total weight is only 210 grams
  • Made from aluminum and zinc alloy
  • Fire mouth is durable (stainless steel)
  • Automatic ignition device
  • Maximum temperate is 1300 Celsius.


  • Very affordable price
  • Stylish design and lightweight
  • Produce high-temperature flame
  • Temperature control included
  • Repeated inflatable for long lasting
  • This is a multipurpose torch.


  • No gas included.

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6# Butane – Best Professional Cooking Kitchen Torch 2020 UK

A professional butane torch can be easily recognized by its elegant look and this is one of them. While it is available in silver color too but its default black color makes it useful in any kitchen whether its a kitchen of a restaurant or home kitchen. This perfect design of this torch has been designed in Germany.

The designer ensures to include maximum features in this butane torch. It has all one needed in a kitchen torch like an adjustable flame, safety lock, high flame and additional features like extra long nozzle and locking mechanism etc.

This torch gives flame as high as 1300C which is ideal to make many professional recopies like crispy onion soups, crème Brulee, melting cheese and meringues etc. The This torch has an adjustable knob to give full control over the flame. The shiny design of this butane torch also makes it ideal for a gift.


  • Adjustable gas knob
  • Child safety lock
  • continuous fire function
  • quick fire ignition
  • up to 1300 C heat temperatures.


  • Available in 2 styles and colors
  • Money back warranty included
  • Made from aluminum material
  • Affordable price and free shipping
  • It is a multipurpose torch.


  • No butane gas included in the price.

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7# Best Blazer Big Shot Butane Torch 2020 UK

When you decided to pay an extra price for a butane torch, then expect some extraordinary features and specifics from it. Out next kitchen torch is expensive as compare to the previous products and it does deserve to be expensive due to its exclusive features. This Blazer GT8000 is not only big in size but it does have features like brass frame nozzle, flame control and anti-flare option for safety. To make it use easily for the user, there is the attachable tabletop base.

There is a proper gas flow adjustment dial which allows controlling the length of flame. Like other butane torches, this torch does not require any type of electrical connection for the ignition system.

Note: this torch is not made for the kitchen purpose only but for work too as it gives 2500F flame.


  • Quality parts exported from Japan
  • Nonelectrical instant ignition system
  • The extra wide base for stability
  • Powerful flame up to 2500F
  • Extra precise flame tips.


  • Cost-effective due to its features
  • Anti-flare and brass frame nozzle
  • Extra safety feature included
  • Advance flame control for length
  • Nonelectrical ignition system
  • Attachable tabletop base.


  • Slow shipping service by the company
  • Expensive for kitchen use only.

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8# Iwatani – Best Butane Torch  2020 for Sous Vide, Pastries

This butane is a perfect gadget to have in every kitchen for perfect roasting, melting cheese, browning toppings and charring vegetables etc. The price of this version of the torch is not high at all as compared to benefits which one can get from it. It is also available in pro version with extra features but the price of pro version is bit high.

This is a portable torch which means that you can take it along with you whether you are going camping, attending culinary classes and arranging an outdoor BBQ party etc. By photos, it may look a small torn but it has medium size and expectedly bigger than photos.

This torch is made from an extra high-quality material to make it last longer but still, the company is offering 1-year manufacturer warranty to win the trust of their customers. This warranty is specific to torch only and butane is not included.


  • Lightweight butane torch (only 2.8 ounces)
  • Dimensions of this torch are 7 x 3 x 1.5 inches
  • This butane is made from stainless steel
  • It is a portable torch which is perfect for camping
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty on butane torch.


  • Very reasonable and affordable price
  • Available in two different versions
  • Easy to the user, handle, and control
  • Ideally designed for kitchen use only
  • Reliability and construction are good.


  • No butane fuel included in the price.

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9# Dremel – BEST Flame Multi-Function Butane Torch 2020 UK

For perfect crispy chicken or caramelized food, there should be a perfect butane torch and this torch by Dremel can be defined as one due to its features, nice design and effective results. This is one of the few butane torches for which you don’t require any independent ignition tool. For an easy startup, it is integrated with the ignition trigger.

This torch has the option to set variable temperature and control the length of flame with simple buttons. There is also a flame lock switch for simplified operation. It is a portable torch which comes up with an attachable base for the hands-free operation.

With the product, you will get many items for free which include a flame diffuser, blower, defector, storage case, tin, solder, soldering tip, wrench, and sponge.


  • Air control knob for flame adjustment
  • Flame lock-on for continuous and hand free use
  • For an easy start, there is an ignition button
  • This torch also has a filling valve
  • For extended use, there is a large tank
  • The variable temperature this torch has a flame controller.


  • The toolkit included 6 different tools
  • No need for independent ignition tool
  • Available in two different models in low prices
  • The product will be shipped within 1-2 days
  • Capable of tackling an array of projects.


  • The quality of ignition is not very good.

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10# Professional Creme Brulee Culinary Butane 2020 UK

This is one of the latest best butane torches for the kitchen is available on the internet. Even on Amazon this product has been recently listed and have a five-star rating. This is a professional butane torch which is mean to design for professional use but the home user can also use it due to its safe and flexible design.

It is convenient to use and go with all type of foods. Whether you want to crisp the chicken, melt the topping on casseroles or add extra char to meat dishes, this torch works perfectly. This happened due to its easy to use flame control which allows you to set the flame and temperature of the torch according to the type of food.

While there are so much to discuss features of this butane, but here I would like to mention its advanced safety feature which has been designed to prevent accidental ignition. This torch also has a built-in fluid window to ensure that you will never run out of the gas unexpectedly.

This torch also comes up with a beautiful embossed EVA carry case which does not only protect it but also can be used as a perfect gift item for friends or family members who love to cook and add extra touch as this torch would be perfect for such person.


  • Handles made out of Aluminum
  • Trigger housing made out of steel
  • The nozzle also made from steel
  • Durable and long lasting torch
  • Built-in safety lock included
  • Temperatures of up to 2730F/1300C


  • Lower in price and light in weight
  • Valuable, money added torch
  • Perfect gift fur to EVA carry case
  • Versatile can be used for soldering.


  • We found no cons to discuss here.

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Buying Guide Best Butane Torch 2020 UK

I hope that my reviews of different butane torch will help you to pick the best butane torch for your kitchen or workplace but this is not enough. As a consumer, you should do your own research and look for specific things to come up with the best product. To help you with this, following I am sharing some important points which you must look at when you are comparing different butane torches.

Do you really need a butane torch? Or Why you need a butane torch?

A butane torch is not a tool which has been used in the kitchen to decorate the food or add additional flavor by burning the layer of meat etc. It can be used for other purposes too at workplace or home. Here are some of the examples:

  • Fixing the crack in the driveway by using crack filler
  • Warm up a frozen lock and frozen food etc
  • Melting cheese over the food including pizza
  • Caramelizing creme brulee and other dishes
  • Burning wood or metal to get the vintage aged effect
  • Make jewelry by burning gold and other metals
  • Strip paint by using a torch with the heat gun.

These are some common uses of a butane torch. The people also use the same torch for welding work due to the temperature of butane torch which can be as high as 3000 F. In short, butane torches are very versatile and they should not be limited to use in the kitchen only. If you have any of these work at home or workplace, then you must have a butane torch. The need of your work will also help you to decide many other things like burning time, important features, safety and adjustment of flame etc.

  • Burning Time
  • Important Features
  • Safety
  • Instant on/off the ignition
  • Flame adjustment
  • Versatility
  • Design

Let’s look at them separately as each of them is important when it’s come to buy the best butane torch for cooking or best butane torch for jewelry etc.

Burning Time:

Burning time depends on the capacity of fuel which butane can hold. It varies from torch to torch and usually depends on the size of the torch. The bigger is always better and give better burning time but at the same time, buying a bigger butane torch means more weight difficult to hold freely.

Your need of the butane time can tell you that how much burning time you required. For kitchen use, you don’t need a torch which lasts for hours but if you are buying butane for jewelry and or fixing something, then you need a butane torch with more burning time otherwise you have to refill the fuel during the work.

Important features:

Even the design of the butane torch should not be ignored when you are buying one as it easy for you to carry while you are performing different tasks.


It should light in weight, easy to hold and have a comfortable handle with better control and hold.


The tip of a butane torch can be changed but it required you to pay extra. So, ensure that you are purchasing one which can do the job you need.

Instant power switch:

The simple push button for ignition does not only make easier to use but also provide safety to the user.

Fuel gauge:

It should be visible so you know all the time that how much fuel left and when you need to refit ease the issue during the workload.

Flame adjustment:

It is the most important as you don’t require the same consistency of fuel to perform different jobs.


The butane torch included both; fuel and fire, that’s why there are obvious safety concerns. Some of the important safety features which you need to look at when buying a butane torch are:

Reliable igniter:  By having a reliable igniter, you don’t need to be worried about lighting the torch yourself. It will also less dangerous as compared to push a button to start a flame.

Safety locks: This is a very important feature to look especially if you are using a torch for the first time and you have kids in your home. It will prevent the torch to start accidentally.

Top & Best Butane Torch Brands 2020 UK

Blazer: The company is here for three decades and know for its quality products including butane torch. It is based in NY and well-trusted brand of America.

Dremel: They usually offer up to a two-year warranty on their products. Their products are not only well built but also durable which gives surety that it will last for years.

LiBa: If you are looking for butane torches specifically for culinary use. The company offers usually a three-year warranty on their torches. Their butane torches are backed by popular chefs.

Newport: The Newport offer durable and affordable butane torches. Their torches are full with advanced features, easy to use and come up with hand free attachment.

SE: SE is known for the home accessories and home improvement tools including butane torches. Their products are popular due to the safety perspective. They have thumb rerelease lock mechanism on their torches and a removable base for extra safety.

How to Refill Butane Torch  2020 and How to use Butane Torch?

Once you purchased a butane torch, it is necessary to learn the safe way to refill it. Without proper training or instruction, the chances of accidents are always high.

While every torch work in different ways but basics of filling a gas is almost the same. To help you with this, following I am sharing the general guide of filling and lighting the butane torch safely:

Step 1: Read the manual guide to understand that how to refill the butane torch. There could be something more specific which you have to do and don’t do.

Step 2: Separate torch from the base and turn it upside down.

Step 3: Now insert the canister of butane into the small hole located at the bottom.

Step 4: You will hear the sound of resembles a sputter. This is the time when you should stop filling gas.

Step 5: Now deactivate the safety switch and light butane torch by pressing the ignition button

Step 6: If your torn have an adjustable button, use it to set the length of flame at your desired level.

Step 7: Once you have completed your work, make sure to turn off the flame and leave the torch and allow it to cool completely so that you can keep it to the safe place.

While you are doing all this process, make sure that there is no source of flame as the gas can easily catch the fire which could lead to a big accident.


A butane torch cost up to $100 while the cheap one available in $10. It is totally up to you and your budget to decide that which torch will suits you the most. It is always important that you compare different products with each other to comes up with the best product. Do not only rely on brand name but look at the number of features, pros, and cons as well.

If you found any other butane torch, then do not forget to share with us so we can update our list of best butane torches. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.