6 Best Android Tablet for Kids


Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:05 am

With the advent of technology everyone has become aware about the “latest gadgets” in the market. Not only that but people also now realize the need for it. Kids are no exemption to the general rule of “getting your hands on a good gadget”. There are many devices in the market for kids. Tablets are indeed the most sought after gadgets both for kids and parents. If you are looking for the “best Android tablet for kids”, you are at the right spot. Keeping in view the durability, reliability and features, some of the best kids tablets are listed below.


6 Best Android Tablet for Kids

Tablet for Kids # 1 : Amazon Fire HD 6

This tablet is a durable and reliable device. Which comes in different colors ranging from magenta, white to citron. This tablet is not only sturdy but also is a good value for money with price just under $100. The tab is also available with 7 inches and 8.9 inches screen with increased price of $119.00 and $379.00 respectively, at Amazon.


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Tablet for Kids # 2 : Fuhu Nabi 2

This tablet comes with a signature Nabi bumper. This tablet is not only fast but is also reliable and responsive. What’s more this comes loaded with ample educational content making it easier for kids to learn. And has great parental controls as well. Kids can even earn app rewards by completing household chores. It’s features and a price of under $200 make it a contender for best android tablet for kids.


Tablet for Kids # 3 : Kurio 10S

This tablet comes equipped with good parental controls and child friendly software. Not only this but the tab comes with Google Play and other Google apps making it an over all good experience with lots of potential learning applications for kids. The ten inch screen gives this tablet the extra appeal for those who want to get their kids a larger screened tablet.


Tablet for Kids # 4 : Tesco Hudl

Tesco Hudl is a budget tablet for those who want to get a tab at a reasonable price range. It has a good processor quality and 7 inch screen. Also, it comes with a Micro SD card slot making it hence, a desirable pick over other tabs sans SD card slots.


Tablet for Kids # 5 : Google Nexus 9

It’s the first tablet to run on Android Lollipop. This tablet is a definite upgrade for kids and is suitable for older kids rather than young ones. Switching between applications is really easy and comfortable. This tablet is a little costly with $399.99.


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Tablet for Kids # 6 : Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids

SG Tab 3 is one of the best tablets out there for kids. With a retail price of under $400, this tab might seem like a pricey pick. But the features make it worth spending money on. It comes with Google Play and has Android Jelly Bean operating system. It’s excellent in terms of user interface making it a good pick for child-learning softwares. It’s simplicity of use make the access to apps easier for younger kids. Making it a good user experience in totality.


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