Top 10 Best Activity Trackers 2020 UK – Reviews & Buying Guide

The reason activity trackers have become so important is that you don’t need to be constantly in touch with your consultant. All you have to do is to connect your tracker with your smartphone and your biggest problem is solved. Activity trackers have been invented to make your lives easier and better. With a powerful, brilliant working tracker, you can keep tabs on sleeping, walking, cycling, swimming, and your heart rate.

When purchasing a tracker, you should be aware of whether you are getting the best one. You should be sure of the purpose you are buying it for and that it is worth your money. For athletics and people who are a sports enthusiast, activity trackers are like the best thing that has happened to them. With the help of activity trackers, they can continuously update themselves on their progress and work on them.

For individuals who are concerned about their health, activity trackers are the means to make sure their heart rate remains normal, their sleep cycle is normal, and their cholesterol levels are not fatal.

In short, activity trackers are a blessing in disguise. Here are the ten best activity trackers of 2020. Choose the one according to your needs.

Top 10 Best Activity Trackers 2020 UK

1. Fitbit Charge 3 2020 UK

Fitbit Charge 3 is one of the best trackers and is preferable over the Jawbone UP24 that does not have a heart tracker or a sharp display. The Fitbit Charge HR is a decent looking wristband that offers accurate updates and stats regarding your progress. It is real-time fitness tracker and will not disappoint you.

The Fitbit Charge 3 is a better option than its elder sibling, although it’s a bit expensive. This fitness tracking device works smoothly with Android as well as iOS. This particular activity tracker will monitor your sleep and heart rate. It will count your steps, traveled distance, and calorie count.

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2. Fitbit Inspire Health & Fitness Tracker 2020 UK

The big brother to the Fitbit Charge HR, the Surge is more intelligent and smarter. It is specially designed for people who are obsessed with their fitness. Although we are not saying a casual user cannot have this, to be more precise, its level of functionality makes it reliable for a serious fitness enthusiast. The Surge has a powerful heart rate monitor, which gives performance-based stats, and built-in GPS to track your activities.

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3. Garmin Vivofit 4 Activity Tracker 2020 UK

The Garmin Vivofit 4 Activity Tracker is a tiny fitness tracker that does not only have an appealing look but a reasonable price with impressive features. It will monitor your sleep and estimate your distance and calories burnt at a sensible price. The device is perfect for beginners. It has an exceptionally good battery life and could be worn anywhere.

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4. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker 2020 UK

The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is an activity tracker and smartwatch that works in collaboration with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. It has an excellent health monitor and activity tracker, which makes it a good product. However, its design has what made it look less appealing to customers.

It keeps a check on your daily activity, monitors your heart rate and sleep, and check your health in detail. It also has a built-in GPS. The Microsoft Band will also display your calls, messages, notifications and calendar entries.

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5. Beaulyn Fitness Trackers 2020 UK

It is one of the best fitness trackers you could come across. Although it is a bit expensive, the device is a good option to consider. Basis Peak will always provide you detailed information about your health and sleep cycle. Its accuracy is extraordinary.

Beaulyn Fitness Trackers  has an optical heart sensor that provides constant data about your heart rate, a three axis accelerometer, and sensors that measure skin responses. It will give a holistic review of your calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate, etc. The optical heart rate sensor might get a little irritating but for such brilliant features, it is not a significant setback to make you reconsider your choice.

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6. ANCwear Fitness Tracker 2020 UK

ANCwear Fitness Tracker  is a great activity tracking device with a high battery life, lightweight design, comfortable strap, and a sensible price. It is as good as any other fitness tracking device and is a fine option to consider. This user-friendly device will monitor your sleep cycle, keep track of your heart, and even display your notifications from your smartphone. Xiaomi is not a famous brand in the United Kingdom, but outside the country, it produces top quality products at a reasonable price.

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7. HONOR Band 5 Smart Fitness Tracker 2020 UK

With its remarkable appearance, the HONOR Band 5 is not a bad option to consider. The device is not only good looking but comfortable to wear. With an okay battery, it monitors your sleep accurately. As an activity device, it uses the accelerometer to act as a pedometer that gives a result based on your weight, height or the other data you enter.

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8. Letsfit High-End Fitness Trackers HR 2020 UK

Buy the Letsfit High-End Fitness Trackers HR only if you can afford it. There is not much to say except that it is a good activity tracking device but comes with an exorbitant price. It lacks a display and Bluetooth, so you have to plug it into your smartphone to know your progress. The band is not waterproof as well. You can wear it in the rain but not while swimming. So the Fitbit devices are still better options.

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9. Letsfit Fitness Tracker 2020 UK

An overall excellent activity tracker with smooth working features, the Letsfit Fitness Trackers is a real deal to buy. It is a more affordable version than the Misfit Shine because it is made up of plastic, whereas the Shine is made from aluminum. However, devices like the Fitbit One still tops the list in comparison to the Misfit Flash. It is waterproof and even has a replaceable battery.

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10. YoYoFit Health Fitness Tracker 2020 UK

The YoYoFit Lod Kids Health Fitness Tracker is a smart-looking, lightweight “activity tracking device”. It will monitor your sleep cycle and daily activity precisely, and will display them in a graph that looks incredible. When connected with the smartphone application, it will act as your trainer, urging you to improve your activity skills or suggest you to increase your progress. Overall, it is a great package.

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