Basic Introduction To Tumblr Dashboard Posts

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 12:52 am

After discussing the importance or tumblr for website and blog owners and after presenting the tutorial of how to make a blog on tumblr, now we are going to discuss another important thing about tumblr which will help it’s users to how to use tumblr. In this tutorial we give you the basic introduction to tumblr dashboard posts. To use anything like TV, smartphone, computer and other types of things users should have some basic introduction to these things to use them easily otherwise they could took a long time to learn there use. For example, if you buy a car but you don’t know how to drive and you don not have a tutor too to learn from it and you have to learn driving by yourself, then what will you do? In this situation there are two possible options, either you will never learn driving or will try to learn by him and will damage the car first time. The same thing is with other and for also tumblr, if you do not have basic introduction to it then you will damage your precious time. So, in this tutorial we are going to discuss tumblr posts.

Basic Introduction To Tumblr Dashboard Posts
Basic Introduction To Tumblr Dashboard Posts

What are tumblr posts on tumblr home page and from where they come

So, what do you think from where tumblr posts, tumblr publish them by itself? No these are the posts published by the tumblr users on there blogs, whenever any blogger publish a post it comes on the main page of tumblr. Read below the basic introduction of these tumblr posts.

Basic introduction to tumblr post


So, here is the basic introduction to tumblr posts. When you open tumblr’s home page you will see different posts here published by the users of tumblr. On the top left side of the post there will be the username and the thumbnail of the profile picture of the user who published that post. On the right side of the username there will a “small plus button” which is follow button by clicking on it you will be following that person. On the top right side there will three other buttons. One button will show the number of totals notes on that post, basically these notes are the total number of likes on that post but they are count as notes, next to notes there will be a button to reblog that post same as repin in pinterest and next to it there will be a button in the form of heart which works same as like button in Facebook.

Now come to the lower side of the content here you will see caption of the content, tags and source of the content. In caption users can write any thing, so it may contain outgoing links.

So, this is the basic introduction to tumblr post which will help users a lot to use tumblr easily hope you like the tutorial.

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