Avoid Getting Blocked From Adding People on Facebook

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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:46 pm

One of the major problems of most of the people on Facebook is blocked these days for adding new friends. If you have more friends on Facebook than you may get consistent blocked from Facebook to add more people.

Avoid Getting Blocked From Adding People on Facebook
Avoid Getting Blocked From Adding People on Facebook

According to my personal experience, I will make a list of some precautions that how you can avoid such bans from adding people.

Do you know this person?
Do you know this person?

1: Control on Adding Friends

You can control on adding friends in one given day, sometimes they are fake and script created or may be a spam agent. Actually, Facebook might ban its service if you add more people with having no mutual friends. So to avoid this you should limit the amount of adds friends on a single given day.

2: In blocked period  

You should not try to increase of adding friends when you are banned, if you do so then it might be possible that Facebook increase your ban time.

3: Avoid Messaging to Strangers

Keep this thing in mind while using Facebook that, only add those friends whom they wish to be added. Please don’t send messages to strangers as these considered as a spam. Facebook might ban you for adding friends if you send too many messages to people who are not in your friends list.

4: Stop adding Spam Agents

Some software’s are easily available in the market by which you can send spam messages all over the internet world. You may notice that on internet similar posts that offer free things by various persons, these types of people post those links without knowing to everywhere. These are the spam agents, so judge those people and do not allow them to add to your friends list.

5: Friends on Facebook

You should be more careful about adding friends when you are using Facebook first time. So it is highly recommended, when you are starting Facebook first time then try to build your friends network slowly and steadily.  Only accept incoming friend requests from http://www.facebook.cm/reqs.php not from sender’s profile directly.

Personally, I don’t like this feature of Facebook where there is a restriction on making friends. But since we’re addicted to Facebook, so we have to accept it in the way it is. If you keep these above mention measures in your mind then there is hardly any problem while using Facebook.

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