ASUS ZenBook UX51V Could be All you Need


ASUS has hit the success mark because of its good design, durable structure, and average cost among all laptop lovers. This company is in the top 5 list of greatest manufacturer according to a report published in 2012. This proves that ASUS owns a great demand all over the world for its desktops, laptops, mobile phones, monitors, motherboards, servers, tablet PCs and video cards. Especially ASUS notebooks are very liked by the customers.


ASUS has recently introduced a lot of laptops that are good in performance, and yet they are not very much costly. They give their best to fulfil your needs and demand very less in return. ASUS ZenBook UX51V is also among them. This is a good notebook to own.


The body is sleek, light-weight, and stylish. Hard and metallic infrastructure enhances to its classy and rich appearance.

See it All!

The 15.6” display screen ensures you a big display and promises to make you feel connected to your machine. The IPS (In-Plane Switching) display panel provides you infinite angles to view from. You don’t lose your sight no matter from what angle you look at the screen. The brightness is great and colours are amazing. You actually can have an illusion to have a mirror in front of you.

Great Resolution

The HD resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. It is awesome resolution especially for video playback, photo-editing activities. You can enjoy hell lot of details without the need of zooming in.


The screen doesn’t provide you touch technology which is a shame for such tremendous resolution. However, this is a good thing on the other hand because if touch-screen was too integrated into it the weight would have increased decreasing the battery life vigorously.

Processing Potential

It employs 1 GHz Intel Core i7-3612QM quad-core processing chip, with 8 GB or RAM, 128 GB SSDs in RAID configuration. You can easily estimate the awesome processing capabilities of this notebook.


The laptop provides you full sized, variable-backlit keyboard. You can adjust the brightness for power saving purposes. On the right side, you can find separate numeric keypad.


The mouse-pad doesn’t house physical buttons. You have to press the surface down or tap just a little bit to perform mouse-functions.

Ports and Jacks

On the right side, you can find head/micro phone combo jack, media card reader, USB 3.0, display port, and audio jack.

While on the left side, you can track AC power socket, Ethernet, HDMI, along with two USB 3.0.

Camera Quality

The 2 MP camera is not very appreciable. When tested, it produced 1280×720 max resolution photos, while 640×480 video, which is not a disaster. But still we could have higher megapixels offered.

Sound System

Waves MaxxAudio sound enhancement software lets you variably adjust the audio settings like bass, treble, dialogue etc.

Also, MaxxLeveler allows you to set the speakers to deliver the highest fidelity volume in an automated way.

Reliable for Battery Timing

For the battery timing, when continuously used (web surfing with Wi-F on 40% brightness), it lasted for 5 hr and 56 min. which is undoubtedly a very good sign.

Too Loud?

Well, along with all these awesome qualities, one negative aspect about this laptop is its fan. It runs constantly producing 43.7 dB sound. That is very loud and is not a good thing for a laptop like we have described above.

Costly Though!

The price is high, $1939 indeed it is.


If you want to own sleek, strong, classy, stylish, fast and precise machine you can own it. All you have to compromise on is no-touch-screen, and loud fan of the laptop! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.