10 Amazing Artificial Canals World 2015


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The world’s oldest artificial canals were used for irrigation but modern day artificial canals have exceeded far beyond that purpose. Making huge and long water filled trenches connecting rivers, lakes, cities and oceans, is a job that intrigues men throughout the world. Some of the world’s most famous “Artificial Canals World 2015” that were created by man himself can be listed as follows:


10 Amazing Artificial Canals World 2015

Canal # 10 : Kiel Canal

Known as Kaiser-Wilhelm-Canal connects North Sea to the Baltic sea. It has one of the heaviest sea traffics among other canals of the world, making the transportation shorter, easier and cheaper. It has many bridges and took around 9000 workers to build it in eight years. There are detailed traffic rules for this canal, and each passage vessel is classified into certain passage group. Several railway lines and federal roads cross the canal at some fixed points.

10 Amazing Artificial Canals World 2015

Canal # 9 : Seuz Canal – Artificial Canals World 2015

Also known as The Gateway To India, Suez canal holds the place of being the greatest of the man made canals in the world. Connecting the Mediterranean to the Red sea, it serves the purpose of transportation between Europe and Asia and has importance geographically as well as politically. It is an unbelievable creation of man, worth watching! The canal is a single lake with passing places. There are no locks on it and sea water flows freely through the canal. Under international treaty it may be used in times of war and in those of peace without distinction of flag.


Canal # 8 : Panama Canal

Again created for the purpose of easing and shortening the transportation in Panama this canal is another one of the greatest artificial canals. Creation of it was a challenging process which took around 30 years and extreme expertise. The Panama canal shortcuts made it possible to travel the distance between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in half the time that took previously. The shorter, safer and easier routes allows places to become more integrated with the world’s economy. The American society of civil engineers has regarded it as one of the seven wonders of the world.


Canal # 7 : Oxford Canal

Created originally for the purpose of transportation this canal connecting Oxford with Coventry is is now majorly used as a tourist attraction. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes it is an amazing boat journey. The Oxford canal walk is a long distance walk following the pathway from Oxford to Hawks bay.  The walking is easy and the scenery is stunning. This canal is also a home to some of the wildlife species and one may even have a look at some of the endangered species saved.


Canal # 6 : Lancaster Canal – Artificial Canals World 2015

This canal is in the North of the England. Running from Preston to Tewitfield this canal failed to complete its original goal of reaching Westthoughton. The section around the crossing of the River Ribble was never completed. The southern part remains navigable as parts of the Liverpool and Leeds canal. Transportation is not just one thing it has to offer, a beautiful boat journey, fishing and observing the natural atmosphere is nothing anyone would like to miss. This channel offers some of the spectacular canal architectures.


Canal # 5 : Royal Canal

The royal canal is one interesting artificial canal that Ireland has to offer, connecting river Liffy to the river Shannon. View of nature, amazing landscapes and sailing is something that this canal attracts the tourists for. It was originally built for freight and passenger transportation. One important transport link is a Dublin Mullingar railway line that was built alongside the canal for much of the distance.  The royal canal way is a long distance trail that follows the towpath of the canal. The full length of the canal was reopened in October 2010.

Royal Canal

Canal # 4 : Corinth Canal

Separating Peninsula from Greece this canal is said to have been planned in ancient times but got to be completed very late. It connects the Gulf of Corinth to gulf of Saronith. Being narrow and many left repair projects it is not used for transportation but for guiding tourist’s tours. The builder dug the canal through the Isthmus at sea level. The winds and currents tend to flow through the canal from either direction depending upon the prevailing winds. Two road bridges are lowered periodically to allow boats to enter into the canal. The canal is open 24 hours a day except for Tuesdays when it is close for repairs.


Canal # 3 : Canal Du Midi

This canal connects the Mediterranean with the Atlantic and is known to have been planned long ago but could not get completed in time.  The canal runs from the city of Toulouse down to the Etang de Thau. The Canal du Midi was built by Pierre-Paul Riquet. It is 240 km long. If one has a look at the landscapes that are surrounding it one would know that it was a challenge to complete and hence it is one of the remarkable feats of the engineers of this time. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. It paved the way for the industrial revolution.


Canal # 2 : Kennet and Avon Canal

Opened in 1810 this attractive and interesting artificial canal connects the river Kennet with the river Avon and it flows with the natural flow of the river Avon. It is made up of two lengths of navigable river joined by a canal.. Offering boating, swimming and fishing it is a famous tourist attraction! It has been developed as a popular heritage tourism destination that also allows for the preservation of wildlife.

Kennet and avon canal

Canal # 1 : Wesel Dettelen Canal

This canal is a representation of typical German style that is built with all the architectural precisions. It is 60 km long and it runs along the northern end of the Ruhr area. It is an important transport connection between lower Rhine and northern and eastern Germany.  It is famous among traders, travelers and tourists; it makes transportation easy and cheap. Many bridges are thrown over it. One of them is Galen which connects Galen with Schermbeck. Walking over this bridge allows one to admire all beauty.

Wesel Dettelen Canal

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