4 Apps Windows 8 Users Should Have

windows 8

Windows 8, the latest computer operating system from Microsoft is awesome but the windows 8 apps makes its experience more powerful. Today we are going to share a list of windows 8 apps every users should have.

windows 8


You can find these applications only installed on the computers technology loving users. It helps users to make them more productive and also users can do their work easily. As a user of this new operating system, we must need to utilize these applications because these apps are having those features which are required by everyone. Below is the list of top 4 apps that windows 8 users should need to install on their new operating system.

4 Apps Windows 8 Users Should Have

1. NewsRepublic

With the news republic application installed on your Windows 8, it will be much easier for you to get informed about the latest news happening all around the world. NewsRepublic is superb news read that informs you about news from those which you can’t imagine. You can also utilize the keyword filter option of this application, which helps you to get rid of that news which you don’t want to read out. Along with this it also allows you to share your favorite news on twitter and Facebook.

2. EverNote

I think most of you heard of this wonderful application which is popular these days on the internet. For both the business owners as well as bloggers, this application is useful due to the reason that they will be able to save the notes and memo using this Evernote. You have find something interesting and want to remember it and wish to do it anytime whenever you want, Evernote will be your first option. This application is free to use and is present for both mobile and computer users.

3. SkyDrive

Oh! You are worried that anytime your hard disk can be crashed and your important data files can be lost. Therefore in order to avoid such things the better idea will be to take backup of your important data.

Well this application allows users to backup their data files on Microsoft data cloud storage and can be easily accessible through different devices. Now whenever your hard disk will be crashed, you don’t need to worry because your data is already backup on Microsoft Cloud Storage and you can recover that easily.

4. Skype

This application is best for the business owners that want to have audio/video chat with their clients. Skype is considered as the best place to finalize the deal as both you and your clients able to understand each other easily about your deal.

There are other chat applications available online for audio/video calling but skype is recommended to everyone.

Which of the application from the list is most interesting and useful for you in windows 8? Let us know your opinion through your comments below.

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