Annoying Facebook Things That Your Friends Often Do

Annoying Facebook Things

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 02:59 am

Facebook is no doubt the most popular social networking website in the world and it helps you stay connected with your friends. However there are many annoying Facebook things that your friends do and you have to bear with them too. This is something that I have been wondering since a long period of time but I never had a complete list of things to share with your guys or you can say I never put enough effort to make a list. Anyway, I have huge list of annoying Facebook things that our friends often do and I’m going to share it with you guys here in this post.


1 – Immature Parenting Status Updates

We all have that friend who just had a baby and now she keeps sharing every single detail with his friends on Facebook. For instance, one morning you will find your Facebook timeline flooded with pictures of a bald baby and the caption will be like, “my cute little rock start just got his first hair cut”. We all get it that you are very excited about first haircut of your baby but what is the point of sharing it with entire universe and for crying out loud, lady you could have posted just one picture why in the world would you share dozens of pictures individually?

Annoying Facebook Things
Annoying Facebook Things

2 – Marketing other products

For me, the moment when a friend of mine keeps sharing some marketing stuff on his timeline is really annoying because he is flooding my news feed with content that I don’t like. For God’s sake mate, if I need to buy something, I will search it on the internet and what makes you think that I will buy something on your recommendation when most of the dresses you wear totally suck?

3 – Incomplete Status Updates

Let’s face it. We all have such friends who often post incomplete status updates and the rest of the part is left in their imagination only. The status message normally sound like, “is it possible”, “how could you”, “why me?” and blah-blah-blah. For all such people I only want to say one thing, “Dude, go and get a life”. People have so many other things going on in their lives and no one really cares about what is going on in your mind. You may be feeling really excited or deprived for all its worth but for heaven’s sake, don’t irritate me when I’m just trying to have some fun time on Facebook and not in a mood to solve unfolded mysteries of your world.

4 – Checking In With You Without your permission

The check-in feature of Facebook is cool and it really helps you stay updated about the recent activity of your friends but I really don’t get it when people want to check-in at dozens of places each day. The worst part is when you are with them trying to have a conversation and they are all bent into their phone checking in with you on a fancy restaurant you just passed by. Checking in is a different thing but why would that guy tag you in it without your permission? Many people have no issue with such activities of their friends but I have issues people, very serious issues.

5 – Humble-bragging

You are a nice and humble lady and we all know that. Not only we know that fact but we also respect you for that. However, it doesn’t mean that you keep bragging about your humbleness on Facebook all the time. No one in this world is innocent and just because a stranger gave you some nice comments about how you are looking today doesn’t make you the winner of Miss Universe beauty pageant. If someone was being nice to you then it means he was really a nice person and not because you’re fair skin made him to be nice to you. For all we know, he might be a freak who has never found love in his entire life and is just trying to score a chance with you because your flattering behavior?

6 – Insane photo sharing

If you had an important event in your life and you have taken dozens of pictures then why don’t you just share them by adding in an album? This way not only you will be able to organize your photos on Facebook but your friends will also find it easy to go through your pictures too? But no, there are certain people who think that sharing photos of a single event individually is really cool. They do that without realizing the fact that people on Facebook are actually cursing them for ruining their news feed. If bought a new car, just take several pictures from different angles and add them into an album called “My New Car” why is there any need to take several photos and sharing them individually on Facebook?

7 – Song Lyrics

There are a lot of annoying Facebook things that people do but there is nothing more annoying than someone sharing song lyrics. Hey, we get it. You are going through a tough emotional time and only the lyrics of a particular song describe how you are feeling at the moment. Still, it doesn’t mean that you start ruining my Facebook experience too. The most annoying thing about song lyrics in status updates it that, you cannot read them like a simple passage. If you know that song, you will start humming inside your head until you sing along with all the lines of lyrics posted by that friend. This is such a waste of time and energy in my point of view.

8 – Political Rants

One of many things that I have learned in my 5 year Facebook experience is not to share anything political. You may think that the steps taken by government are absurd and there is no hope for progress during the tenure of current government but there must be a lot of people in your friends list who are die hard supporters of that political party in power. This will start an immense and unstoppable debate. It is better to keep your views to yourself and never sabotage your friendship with others just because there is a difference in political thinking.

9 – Twitter Sync

With so many social networking websites on the internet, it has become important for us to sync our accounts. Facebook and Twitter let you sync accounts with each other. It means that when you will share something on Facebook, it will be automatically shared with your Twitter followers and vice versa. This feature may look pretty awesome in the beginning but I have noticed that people start getting annoyed with twitter synced messages on Facebook. If you want to share something with your friends on Facebook do that while remaining on the same social network. Those people who love Facebook actually hate twitter and same is the case with Twitter lovers.

10 – Third Person Status Update

I am me and you are you, it is that simple. Why would you share your thoughts in a way as if these are quoted by a third person? If you think banana milkshake is tasty simply say it like this, “I think banana milkshake is tasty”. There is no point of quoting yourself as a third person like, “XYZ thinks banana milkshake is tasty”. What has gotten into you, wandering spirit of Shakespeare? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.