And finally, our princess Kate Middleton is Pregnant – Got hospitalized this morning

Princess Kate Middleton is Pregnant

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:14 pm

Finally the news for which every person in the world has been waiting for is out now. Today morning, Kate Middleton, faced serious morning sickness after which she was taken to the Hospital. This news has been confirmed by the Royal Palace as well.

Princess Kate Middleton is Pregnant
Princess Kate Middleton is Pregnant

On Monday, St. James’s Palace announced the Kate’s pregnancy. According to the statement issued, “The Duchess of Cambridge, formerly known as Kate Middleton has a severe form of morning sickness and is currently in a London hospital. William is at his wife’s side”.

The palace has also confirmed that the pregnancy is still in early stages and due to this reason; 30 year old duchess will be required to stay in hospital for several days. Even after getting discharged, she will be suggested to take proper rest and not to participate in any public events.

Price William is second in line when it comes to the passing of throne from his father, Prince Charles. It means that the first child of couple will be called monarch during the meantime.

Recently, Middleton has been very busy with royal appearances as she was all over the news for last couple of months. She played field hockey with the schoolchildren at the school where she studied as well.

The news of pregnancy means that there will be no more public and social gatherings until the birth of child. The eyes of entire world and media are on this event but of course, still there is a lot of time left. The statement issued by Royal Palace clearly tells that the pregnancy is still under initial phase so it will be better for everyone to calm down and wait for the right moment. Still, nobody can stop people from fantasizing about the Royal Baby that is yet to come in this world.

As part of Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee celebrations, they have been travelling all over the world during last few months. This is the same time when the nude photo scandal appeared on the internet. A European magazine published he topless photos of duchess while she was enjoying holidays with her husband on a beach. That was really an embarrassing situation for the Royal Palace.

If you are wondering what the editor of the magazine had to say about the published photos then read his comments below;

“We’re riding on a royal high at the moment at the end of the diamond jubilee year,” he said. “People enjoyed the royal romance last year and now there’s this. It’s just a good news story amid all the doom and gloom.”

Since the wedding, people have been talking about when Prince William and his bride Kate William will start their family. Well, all those people can take a sigh of relief now as their dearest duchess Kate Williams is pregnant now and soon they will get to hear about the birth of a new Royal baby as well.

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