25 Most Amazing Mega-Projects in the World 2020

Mega-projects are making new records, vast transportation systems are establishing, new roads are constructing and many giant bridges are connecting cities and towns.

We know that a well-planned Infrastructure is the backbone of the country’s economy. Around the world many new infrastructure projects have started, many are developed and provide benefit to people.

25 Most Amazing Mega-Projects in the World 2016

Many emerged nations are taking interest to develop infrastructure in the undeveloped country which will surely generate revenue for them. The list we have made today include infrastructure which is developed or their construction work is in progress. You can’t make an infrastructure without gigantic engineering for which you need the best engineers in the world.

We have made this after doing long research for many days. It was not easy to select these 25 most amazing mega-projects in the world. These are the most jaw-dropping mega-projects we have right now in our world. If you think that there is a mega-project that should also be in this list then please tell us about this. Funding is the biggest challenge that anyone can face in mega-projects because if funds are finished then the progress of your work will be stopped.

Today, we have a list of the most amazing mega-projects in the world. We hope you will enjoy our list and then share if further. Enjoy the list of “25 Most Amazing Mega-projects in the World 2020”.

1.Port Mann Bridge

Port Mann Bridge construction was started in 2009 and completed in 2012. It is the second longest bridge on North America which is cable-stayed. It was once the widest bridge of the world. It is located in British Columbia, Canada.


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2.Panama Canal Expansion

Panama Canal Expansion has to be completed this year. They have doubled the space of Canal. This canal also connects  Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. 4.4 million cubic meters of concrete has been used in this process.


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3.Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam is located in China. It is the world’s largest power generating station. It is 595 ft tall, 131 ft wide and more than 7,600 ft long. This megaproject was completed in 2003.


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CPEC stands for China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a $46 Billion under construction process. This mega-project includes number of various project including Gwadar port and Giant road from Gwadar port to China.


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5.Aizhai Bridge

Aizhai Bridge is a suspension bridge in China. The total length of this bridge is  1,534 meters. It is the highest bridge of the world. 5 years for the construction of this bridge.


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Marmaray is a rail line project which has connected Europe and Asia through underwater rail line. Total cost on this project was $4.5 billion. The project has been completed in 2013.


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7.One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center is 104 floors building and the remake of  World Trade Center complex. Steel and concrete has been used for it construction. It was $3.8 billion megaproject.


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8.Liuchong River Bridge

Liuchong River Bridge is one of the highest bridge of the world. It is located in China. The bridge was opened for public in 2013. Height of this bridge is 190.1 meters.liuchonghe-bridge

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9.London Crossrail

London Crossrail is under construction megaproject. Total cost on this project is $23 Billion. It will take 11 years for the completion of this project which was started in 2007.


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10.Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge

This project is under construction and expected to complete in 2017. It will connect three cities; Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau on the Zhujiang Delta, China. The project includes bridges and tunnels.


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11.Russky Bridge

Russky Bridge is a cable stayed bridge in Russia. Total length of this bridge is 3,100 meters. It was inaugurated in 2012. Total cost on this bridge was $1 Billion.


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12.Etihad Rail

Etihad Rail is the project of 1,200 km railway network and it will be built in three different stages. It will connect UAE with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. It is an $11 billion project.


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13.Al Maktoum International Airport

Al Maktoum International Airport is located in Dubai, UAE. The new airport for Dubai was opened in 2010 but the expansion process in still continue. Al Maktoum will receive $32 billion to spread it 21 square miles.


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14.Beijing Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport is under construction new airport of Beijing. It will be the largest airport of world which is expected to complete in 2025. Total cost on this project in $13 Billion.


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15.Jubail Industrial City

Jubail Industrial City is the world’s largest industrial city and Saudi government is still expanding this city. The cost for the expansion is $10 billion and 10 years of time is required.


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16.New Century Global Centre

In terms of floor area New Century Global Centre is the world’s largest building. It has shopping malls, water park, movie theaters, university and hotel in it. 


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17.Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is an under construction American football stadium of Atlanta falcons and Atlanta united FC. The cost to build this stadium is $1.2 billion.


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18.Shanghai Tower

Shanghai tower is currently the 2nd tallest skyscraper of the world. It has been constructed in 8 years and was inaugurated last year. The total cost on this project was $2.4 billion.


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19.Bay Bridge Eastern Span

Bay Bridge Eastern Span is world’s longest suspension bridge and it is also the world’s widest bridge. The total cost on this bridge was $6.4 billion.


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20.Evergreen Point Floating Bridge

Evergreen Point Floating Bridge is located in Seattle, USA. It is the longest in the world. But the new Evergreen Point Floating Bridge will replace the old one in the spring of this year.


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21.Tokyo Skytree

It is the world’s tallest broadcasting tower with the height of 2,080 feet. The skytree tower has 6 TV transmission antennas and restaurants. Total cost for its construction was $1.8 billion.


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22.Silver Line

Silver Line is a metro service in Washington D.C, USA. The phase one of silver has been completed in 2014 and operating. The second phase is in construction.


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23.Doha Metro

Doha Metro is expected to starts it operation by the end of 2019. It will have a length of 300 KM with 100 stations. It is $3 billion project.


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Dubailand is inauguration is expected before 2020. The cost of this project is $64.3 billion. It will have an area of 278 km square. 


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25.Hyderabad Metro Rail

Hyderabad Metro Rail is under construction transit project which will have 64 stations. It will be completed in 3 phases. Total cost for this project is $2 billion.


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