Alien’s Goo – An Easy To Play Fun Game Application

Alien's Goo for iPhone, iPod touch

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:00 am

Alien Goo is one of those game applications that are not only easy to play but a lot of fun too. The only problem is that, these kinds of games are not advertised properly so people don’t usually know about them. The idea of the game is that, an alien ship has crash landed and you are supposed to guide the aliens reach special containers.



You can choose a container and tip liquid from it to another container in this game. However, there are many other things that are involved in this game other than tipping liquid. Different kinds of colors are involved in the game. It simply means that you can only activate a container with a particular color. You are the one who is supposed to mix different colors to come up with a particular color that can be used to open a container. In some cases, you can mix two colors to make one and in many cases, you will be required to mix more than 3-4 colors to come up with one color of your requirement. You will find it really difficult to add right amount of color. Excessive use of a color can cause different problems too.

Alien's Goo for iPhone, iPod touch
Alien’s Goo for iPhone, iPod touch


You should not think that there are no obstacles in this game. Besides the problem of mixing different colors, you have to face interesting obstacles like spins on the game and moving pieces of portals as well. You will often find walls, portals and containers moving along the screen many times. It means that you will have to adjust your time properly. If you are not working efficiently and taking care of time, the obstacles will hit and you game will be over. The portals are used to transfer color from one container to another. If Goo will collide and fall into a particular portal, he will be transported to another container.  In order to understand how you should play the game and what kind of steps should be taken to cross a level, you may have to take different tries. After trying different times, you will get a better understanding of the game and you will also be able to adjust your timing as well.

Starting All Over Again

In many cases, you will fall into a condition where there is no going ahead. You will be left with no other option than to start the game all over again. For instance, many times while playing the game, i transferred liquid from one container to another but it turns out that there was not enough liquid to clear the level. In such situation, I had no other option but to restart the level. Starting all over again can be frustrating for you but again, which game is not frustrating? There is no use of a game that doesn’t offer a challenge to the user.

There is no doubt that Alien Goo is one of the most interesting and fun app that are available in the market. If you find it difficult to kill the time then you should install Alien Goo in your smartphone and have a lot of fun. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.