What Should Be Added In Windows 8 By Microsoft?


Windows 8 is no doubt a fabulous operating system but there is something that is missing. If you remember the time of Windows 3.1, the game solitaire was introduced for the first time. Normal windows users were not using mouse at that time but after that introduction of that game, users started using Mouse as a regular device. That was really a big turning point for Microsoft windows. windows_8_microsoft I have no clue who came up with the idea of solitaire but it must be accepted that the game has kept us entertained for a long time. The usability and functionality of any OS is definitely one thing to keep in mind but there is something that becomes the highlighted point and solitaire did the same thing. Businesses all over the world are still using and buying new PCs because they don’t find it necessary to move to another platform. The main reason behind is that, most of the businesses started operating at a time when Windows was a standard OS in the market. It is difficult to ask any business to switch to a new platform. Windows 7 did great business for Microsoft because that was one of the most sophisticated, advanced and secure windows OS. Now if Microsoft wants to beat the competition and maintain its monopoly in the market, they need to bring something magical in Windows 8. A game like solitaire will definitely do great business for Microsoft but we will have to wait and see what new updates are brought ahead by the team of Microsoft.

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