Acer Aspire S3 2013

Acer Aspire S3

Those who want the stylish looks and light weight of Mac-Book Air but feel that it is quite heavy on their pocket, well Acer gives you a great alternative. Acer has brought to you the new Acer Aspire S3 2013. But with a smart price that Acer provides, you need to make certain compromises.

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Body and Display:

The new Aspire S3 is somewhat closer in looks to the previous installment- S7. The metallic chassis of Aspire S3 is now made of aluminum and available in white color. It is light weight to go easy on your shoulder and also sleek. The body gets as thin as 0.7 inches. The previous version of 2012 was missing on the luxury of touch-screen however this time Aspire S3 2013 comes with this feature. The screen is 13.3 inches with a full HD display and 170 degree viewing angle.

Processing Speed and OS:

Well the Acer claims that Aspire S3 takes only a second to boot. It also wakes up every time you open the lid even if it was previously shutdown. That is quite a useful characteristic. The laptop is powered by Windows 8. It has 4098 MB RAM.

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Other Features:

The new Aser Aspire S3 comes with a back-lit keyboard with a sensor that adjusts the brightness according to your surroundings. It has Wi-Fi and 4th Generation Intel Core (Haswell) processor. Acer Aspire S3 is ultra portable and that is why a great option for those who cannot buy Mac-Book Air. SSD card of 128 GB memory is available. Keeping up with other ultra books, this one gives six and a half hour of battery life.


Ultra-Books are advancing in terms of technology at a speed of light. That is one reason why every company is giving improved versions after every 6 or 12 months. The previous installment of Aspire S3 was missing on very important features like touch-screen, HD display and some others which have been improved. But we think that all the companies should think that no one would like to buy a new device just after one year of buying a previous one. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.