8 SMS Marketing Tips 2018 – Sure to Bring Results

SMS Marketing Tips

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:03 am

SMS marketing is no doubt, a great way to bring more leads and sales for your business. However, you can only increase your business with the help of SMS marketing if you are applying the right techniques. No one can become an expert in something without putting his efforts and time into that work and same is the case with SMS marketing. If you want to bring good results for your business with the help of SMS marketing then you need to follow the SMS Marketing Tips described below.

SMS Marketing Tips
SMS Marketing Tips

SMS Marketing Tip# 1. Use Professional Language Only

Keep in mind that you are sending SMS to promote your business not to invite your friend on your birthday party. A business always uses a professional language and makes the message as short and meaningful as possible. Avoid using the terms that a typical teenage person uses in his text messages.

SMS Marketing Tip# 2. Send Only one Message

Always remember that the person to whom you are sending Bulk Text Message is not your friend but a client. So, if you send message over and over again, instead of feeling happy, your client will be pissed. So, add as much information in one message as possible and stick to only one SMS message a week.

SMS Marketing Tip# 3. Send SMS at Right Time

This is really important thing to consider. If you will send a text message to your clients at middle of the night, they will never be impressed with you. Make sure to send SMS message at a time when they will not be very busy and have their handset in their hands.

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SMS Marketing Tip# 4. Provide them with Easy Purchasing Options

You should never send complex information to your customers in a text message. The Call-To-Action message should be clear and make sense for your clients or they will lose interest in your offer.

SMS Marketing Tip# 5. Talk about other Promotions

Your text message should not only talk about a particular product but you can also talk about other products and promotions in the text message. This will simply provide your clients with an option which they will love.

SMS Marketing Tip# 6. Put Call-To-Action message in the beginning

Since, you cannot write a lot of things in your SMS message, it will be wiser to start with call-to-action message. This will save your customers a lot of time and they will know about the catch as well.

SMS Marketing Tip# 7. Write Short Messages

Don’t make your message or sentences in that message very long. Try to cover as much information as possible in small sentences. This will help you convey more than one message at a time.

SMS Marketing Tip# 8. Use proper Sentence Case

I have seen many people texting their customers with completely capitalized message. Believe me, these tricks don’t work anymore. If you will send such a message to your customers they will think nothing of you but an amateur business.

So, above are the 8 tips with the help of which you can improve your SMS marketing campaign. I can guarantee you that if you will keep all the tips given above in your mind, better results will come out of your SMS marketing.

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