7 Smarts Ways to Optimize your YouTube Channel

Optimize your YouTube Channel

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:37 pm

Optimize your YouTube Channel
Optimize your YouTube Channel


It is always good to optimize your YouTube channel, and this will be a huge benefit to you. People will come to your channel to find the latest videos and see what’s new about you, finally your channel reflects your videos, the most related your channel is, the most likely someone will want to subscribe you.


Optimization will help you relate more and in that respect, gives you more opportunities to rank in search engines.

Step#1: Channel Name

YouTube Channel Name url
YouTube Channel Name url

The channel name will appear in the URL and as the user name for overall channel

Example: halo4fansvideo

If someone searches for ‘halo 4 videos’ or ‘halo 4 master chief video’, my channel could benefit from having the words Halo 4 and video in the user name.

Step#2: Create a Title

The title of your channel will relate closely with you audience. Another method used for optimizing a YouTube channel for keywords. Make efficient and quick, search engine optimized (SEO) through titles and descriptions. If you are making a YouTube video about the banking sector, use terms that someone interested in the banking sector will search for.

Step#3: Brand your Video

Create a logo in Adobe Photoshop, and then add it to all of your videos because if someone steals it then your brand will still be on video and also include the address of your website where a viewer can find the original video content.

Step#4: Investigation

Always keep investigating that which of your YouTube videos are doing well by using Google Analytical and YouTube Insight and copy what made them successful.

Step#5: Email signature

Include a link to your YouTube account in all of your emails. Put it in your email signature. Even when you forward your email to your friends, it will be included in the body of the message, spreading the word about your YouTube videos and increasing your chances of finding new YouTube viewers.

Step#6: Video Responses

Make video responses on YouTube, go to a video that has a lot of views and comments, and create a video response. Now your video will be linked to the popular video.

Step#7: Stay a Head with the Trends

An easy way to make popular videos is to make them about famous topics in the news or television. For example, who will be the next American President? Make a video about it and post it on YouTube. When people search for it on Google or any other online search engines, they will find it and watch it. So it’s a natural way to create famous YouTube content and make money.

With these 7 useful tricks of the trade, you can easily make some money on YouTube through search engine optimization.

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