7 Benefits of Email Writing


Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 11:44 pm

Writing is an art; it increases your power of imagination, thinking and creativity. Through good and impressive writing skills you can be able to communicate with others quite comfortably. In these days there are a number of ways of communication. Out of many, Email can be an economical and highly effective. In this tutorial you can understand how Email writing could be beneficial in just 7 easy steps.

7 Benefits of Email Writing
7 Benefits of Email Writing

1: Email Save time & money

Email saves you time and money a lot. If your organization has large setup, then mailing a physical document is always costly: as paper, ink, and folders are expensive components of the physical document. Also sending this physical document through the postal service is costly and time taken. Costs and time are cut by using the email facility by simply sending the file.

2: Email can target Large Audiences

Email can target many people at once, as compared to passing down the information physically or with printed documents. In large companies setup, the company officials can reach all employees with a single email. For instance, if some breaking news needs to be delivered quickly, the CEO of the company responded by sending an email to its thousands of employees within no time.

3: Email as a Legal Document

Emails can be used a legal document according to Global and National Commerce Act, emails can send copies of legal documents that are legally binding. Meeting with persons for business and official dealings are no longer necessary because of email. Employers can use emails as proof of any misleading and employees should be careful when communicating via email, as all emails are considered company property.

4: Attachments

Emails are not just a place for exchanging plain or static text between your friends and your company. You can use videos, pictures, audio files or anything you want to upload and send to each other. This is considered the one of the fundamental benefits of email.

5: Keeps Record

Email is very beneficial as it provides a recorded history of all the previous conversations between your company and you. Emails can be sent to multiple address at once and this allows your friend or company to look back on last discussion, share pictures and links they sent by each other.

6: Fast and Furious

Email is lightning fast, easy and reliable. It can be sent at any corner of the world in the blink of an eye. This wonderful combination of ease of use and fast speed makes it popular and need for everyone. The whole world is look like a global village through the invention of email writing.

7: Permanency Factor

The most beneficial feature of email writing is permanency factor. It is more reliable than a telephone number or mailing address. Many online facilities are offered on the basis of email address. For instance, college scholarships, utility bills can be paid online; bank statements and tax refunds also require an email account. In short, in this age living without an email account in just imaginable.

I hope this tutorial is informative for you, if you know any other benefits other than discussed above, and then let us know with the world via using the comments below.

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