5 Ways to Take Screenshots in Windows

Print Screen Button
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Last updated January 29th, 2015 at 01:10 am

Today, many times we want to capture the screens of our computers specially while working online. We bloggers mostly need these types of tools, which help us in taking screenshots, for example, when we are writing about tutorials we have to take the picture as it is. That time we need screen capturing tools, if you are facing any problem in your computer then you can also take screenshot of that and then can send that to any expert, who can help you. There are many screen capturing tools and software in the market, but today we will list some top of them. Below is the list of up to 5 Ways to Take Screenshots in Windows.


5 Ways to Take Screenshots in Windows

1: “Print Screen Button” In Windows

For windows users this the most easy method of taking screenshot of anything in your computer. For taking screenshot with this method you just have to “Press the print screen” button on the keyboard, then you have to go the “Paint or adobe Photoshop”, then press ctrl+v. Your screenshot will be pasted their as a image then do what else you want to do with that.

5 Ways to Take Screenshots in Windows

2: Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor is another useful software which can be used a screen capture. If you want a screenshot capture and simple photo editor in one software then screenshot captor could be your right choice. Screenshot captor can be downloaded from here.

Screenshot capture

3: Capture

Another useful tool which can be used as screen capture. In this tool you can save file into many formats and the important thing is that you can also choose “resolution” of your own choice while saving the screenshot. This useful software can be downloaded from here.


4: Fast Stone Screen Capture

fast Stone Screen capture is also a best tool to capture screen in windows XP, you can save files in various formats like Gif, PNG, JPEG and others. But the important thing is that you can also save files as PDF files. Another good feature of this software is that you can also set “delay time” for capturing screens, basic editing options are integrated in this small software. This software can be downloaded from here.

Fast Stone Screen Capture

5: Jing by TechSmith

TechSmith is well known software developing company which offers different products for windows and MAC. Same thing is here with Jing, Jing is available for both Windows and MAC. Jing is basically a photo editor with all basic options. You can get screenshot easily with Jing, but the important thing is that you can also record screen as videos with Jing. Jing can be downloaded from here.


So, this is the list of 5 Ways to Take Screenshots in Windows. By using these software you can easily take screenshot and can also edit them according to your needs. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because there is coming more.

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