5 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

Twitter Engagements in Easy Steps

Last updated January 30th, 2015 at 12:01 am

5 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Engagement


Why we use Twitter? Because millions of people used it ant it is a valuable tool of connecting with market, getting feedback and chat with people around the world. Most interesting that it’s free.

So, in order to achieve success in Twitter, it takes slowly and steadily entering in the Twitter stream, keeping in mind the 80/20 rule: Only tweet about you 20% of the time, so be professional and respectful. Now fasten your seat belts and find 5 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Engagement.

5 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

1. Get Twitter Profile & Settings

By Profile option, Twitter is showing you that what anybody looks up. You can get the Twitter setting by clicking on icon in the right corner of the Twitter page and click on Settings. Follow the basic steps of your profile description, include a website URL for you company, upload your picture – it helps with engagement. If it’s a company Twitter account and you want your picture then upload a company’s logo. For you biography, you’re limited to 140 characters, so learning how to be concise is very important in Twitter.

Getting Twitter notifications is very important, many people don’t notice about Direct Messages, but it shouldn’t be ignored, even though the DM in Twitters are automated messages sent out from those accounts that you follow.

Twitter sends out an enhanced new Follower email that shows me a brief bio on my new Followers.

Another type of mention in Twitter is re-tweeted (RT). If you forget or do not say thanks later, you may not get re-tweeted again by the followers, but if you’re configured properly then you should be alerted for RTs or mentions.

2. Follow Twitter Accounts of Interest

Hash tags are wonderful and interesting thing about Twitter: they are used for support, community, sports, weather, marketing, conference and other events. A hash tag is just “#hashtag” and it will used for multiple purpose. Twitter will limit you to how many Twitter accounts can follow at one time.

3. Protocol: Follow Twitter account back who follow you

It is recommended to auto follow back those Tweeps who follow you. It helps in furthering engagement, because as you’re searching for people with similar interests, if you receiving spam from the follower, you can easily un-follow them and also block them. A free tool is available on socialOomph.com website to setup auto following.

4. Twittering: When & What to Tweet

When you’re new to Twitter, It’s good to read through your Twitter stream of information to get for how it works and learn about links, re-tweets and discussions. Twitter has become an incredible resource of news. You can un-follow anybody so their tweets are no longer in your stream, and may be block if you need it.

Tweets are usually sharing some type of information like news articles. Due to 140 character limit in Twitter everybody uses a URL shortened form. When you are ready to tweet about you or your brand, your offering, speaking engagement, latest post must be respectful.

Twittering into LinkedIn

You can link Twitter with your LinkedIn account, if you wish to do that then only appending #in to a Tweet you wish to go to LinkedIn. Please don’t set yourself up that any Tweet you put into Twitter hit your LinkedIn, because LinkedIn updates have no place in a business networking portal.

The graphic with the green/white egg shows example of @Mentions. This is another way to keep an eye on what you have been mentioned in re-tweet.

5. Foresting Engagement in Twitter

May be your growth may be slow at first, but you can engage more by re-tweeting those tweets who find interesting. It’s vital that you stay tuned in for when you’re mentioned or if your tweet is re-tweeted.

Twitter Re-tweets (RTs)

@Mentions in Twitter

Mentions are accessible same home view by selecting @Mentions. In example above, in this post display, you can see when you‘ve been mentioned within a Tweet. You need to thank those who re-tweet you or mention you. A key to foresting engagement in Twitter is thanking those users who have either mentioned or re-tweeted you.

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