5 VOIP Apps For iPhone To Make Calls All Over The World

5 VOIP Apps For iPhone To Make Calls All Over The World
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Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 12:58 am

iOS another respectable smartphone operating system in the market of smartphones, This operating system by Apple is very famous and people like to have one of the Apple’s product. As android operating system apple also have an App center for its device, like, iPad, iPod and iPhone. In iOS operating system you can do almost everything which you can do when using Android operating system. iOS App center have a lot of types of apps from social networking to communication, from sports to entertainment, from education to office and other types of essentials apps. VOIP which is commonly known as Voice over IP is a very useful method of making calls to any phone number in the whole world. Through this method people save a lot of money which they usually spent on their telephone bills. There are many VOIP apps too for every type of operating systems which can also be used for this purpose for making calls to any phone number in the whole world. Following are the 5 VOIP apps for iPhone to make calls all over the world.


5 VOIP Apps For iPhone To Make Calls All Over The World


1: iCall

iCall with “i” of iPhone is a very useful VOIP app not only for iPhone but its also compatible with iPod and iPad. iCall is best if your are an American or Canadian native because in these two countries VOIP calls are free for the users but if you are making calls to other phone number of other countries then you need credits, which is not a big deal because every other VOIP app doing same for all countries. Through iCall you can also make calls to other iCall users and also can make video calls to them.

2: Dial91 VOIP

Dial91 VOIP is another best VOIP app with very low rates to make calls all over the world to any phone number. You can make three way conference call through this VOIP app and you can also check previous call history in this app. This also support custom wallpaper so, you can give it a good background design. Call forwarding is also available in this app.

3: Mobile VOIP

Mobile VOIP app is also a well known free VOIP app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This VOIP app offers very affordable rates to make calls all over the globe. You can not only make VOIP calls to any phone number but you can also send SMS too to any phone number. It also gives detailed call info about the calls making through this app.

4: NorthEast VOIP

NorthEast is also a must have and very simple VOIP App For iPhone users, this app is also compatible with iPod Touch and iPad. This simple VOIP iOS app is perfect for African Countries because developers are providing very low rates for this region to make cheap calls.

5: Vonage Mobile

Vonage mobile is another VOIP app through which you can make call to any phone in the whole world. You can also send text to all the phone number and also to the other Vonage Mobile VOIP app’s users through this VOIP app. Like iCall you can also make free calls to American and Canadian natives up to 3000 minutes per month.

So, this is the list of 5 VOIP apps for iPhone to make calls all over the world at very cheap rates to any phone number, we hope this will save a lot money of you and just stay in touch with us because there is coming more.

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