5 Upcoming Gadgets 2015 Will Astonish You


Computer that will know what you want : In upcoming years, the human is going to see permeate into everything. It is a predictive computing. The computers will be able to know what a human want. A coming wave of smart assistant features will not sit around waiting for human. These computers will be proactive using people’s history, location and other data to offer up information and execute tasks. Google Now is early predictive tools which have mostly been stand alone products. Google has a wealth of data to work. Many companies have already started working to make evolution’s in their technology for instance; the Nest smart thermostat uses human’s heating and cooling history to keep their home at an optimal temperature without wasting energy.



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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will put you in the movies. People always wanted to be in the movies and this desire will be fulfilled soon. Movie studios like Fox Searchlight, the influential Sundance film festival and Oculus have bet on the future of virtual reality. They are some of the warriors working to make people believe that you are fighting in the Battle of the Five Armies or shooting through space with the Guardian of the Galaxy. The history of the film has been built on technology to make audiences feel more a part of the movie they are watching. Virtual reality uses 360 degree computer simulations to create the illusion of reality. Time will let people know that how they will take to wearing goggles to access their visual entertainment.


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Cosmic Elevator

Cosmic Elevator will be able to reach space on a cable made diamond. The idea has been around for more than 100 years. Because of breakthrough in nanotechnology, people will be riding into space on a cable made of diamonds. Diamond nanothreads have a strength and stiffness which is greater than any other nanotubes and polymers.


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Superbooks are the high tech reading which puts you inside the story. The power to influence and interact with the stories in classic literature is a tempting prospect and this is the premise of Inkle Studio’s audacious attempt to apply the full possibilities of digital media to fiction. This tech will put player choice into books. Smartbooks let people be involved in the story completely.


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Brain Waves Making Music

This amazing and fantastic brain helps the paralyzed make music. Eduardo Miranda has made the brain computer music interface which allows people to create music using their eyes. Our brain produces electricity all the time. It works by connecting the electrodes to the back of the head. The system will let you know that where are you looking by monitoring brain activity. Flashing icons representing different snippets of music will be appeared on screen and selection will be made be staring at one of the snippets. Miranda is still working on making this system more robust and user-friendly. The system will then allow the public to use it in a brain booth and music will also be downloaded that they create from the internet afterward. The hardware used in this technology is very expensive.


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The above discussed were some upcoming technology that will definitely amaze people.

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