5 Simple Steps To Online Success! (Part 6 of 6)

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Last updated September 13th, 2013 at 06:36 pm

How To Expand Your Business And Multiply Your Profits!

Once your site is producing and you are ready to be part of online success team, and you have zeroed in on the best ways to promote and draw traffic, you are well on your way. Now expanding your business makes real sense.


There’s a catch, though. A fundamental rule.

Don’t make a move that decreases the effectiveness of your current site.

This is just plain common sense, but a surprising number of people don’t see this.

As an example, consider the possibility of …

simple steps to online success

Adding Related Products

A good idea, without question. However, be certain in doing so, you are holding closely to your niche, rather than expanding it.

For example, if you are marketing fishing gear, adding a new kind of fly rod is a natural. But how about this neat offer you can make on golf clubs?

Never. Two bad things can happen. First, your loyal fishing customers may ask, “Now this guy’s an expert on golf? Isn’t he supposed to be talking about fish? ” You can’t risk such questions. You can’t risk your credibility in any way.

What may matter more, though, is that you have broadened your niche. You’ve suddenly left yourself vulnerable to competition from those selling golf gear. Especially from big outfits that may be selling all sorts of sporting goods.

It’s always a blunder to broaden your niche.

The better plan is to …

Open A New Site

Suppose you are breeding tropical fish and selling to wholesalers. But you also have a website through which you sell retail.

Now suppose you have an opportunity to buy a bird breeding company. The same rules for selling wholesale apply. But what about your retail site? Can you merge these two areas in some way?

No way. Open a new site for birds. You’re the proven expert on fish with your present site. Now on your new bird site, you need to demonstrate your expertise in this area.

With good planning and carefully worded content, you can exchange customers between your two sites. And this makes a lot of sense.

There are those into fish that are also into birds. And conversely. So sure, take advantage of those visitors into both fish and birds, and recommend the other site to them.

In fact, build as many smaller sites as you wish. But each must successfully sell effectively into its own niche market. But all can interrelate with your other sites, supporting each with additional traffic.

On a simpler note, consider …

simple steps to online success via Affiliate Programs

Search for programs that pay well, but fit within your niche. Never promote a product unrelated to your site purpose. This weakens your focus, as in mixing fish and birds.

If you’re into health foods, an affiliate program selling vitamins fits in nicely. But it would be unwise to openly promote exercising gear.

You can, however, promote off-niche products indirectly. In a health related article about exercise, mention you favor a certain exercise bike. Then in parentheses, add: Click here for information.

This does not intrude or distract from the purpose of your article or site. Readers not interested will pass over this with no problem.

But those interested will click. Now you’re in really great shape. You can aggressively promote your exercise bike here, for you know those who arrive on this page are interested.

The suggestions above relate to things you can do yourself to expand your business. And of course there are many other options.

However, there is another way in which you can expand. And that is to join in with others marketing in an area related to your own. While again, there are many options, here are three examples.

First consider a …

Joint Venture

There are no specific guidelines here. Go for anything you feel will work. The idea is that you lend your expertise to a project in which another lends their’s as well. As odd as it may seem, joining in with another can often produce some neat profits, that neither of you could have produced alone.

If you manufacture products, take a close look at …

Drop Shipment

Offer others the opportunity to sell your products through their websites. They pay you an agreed upon amount, and you deliver to the customer in their name. This can be quite profitable for both parties.

The seller is free of the cost of inventory. And free of the pains of handling and shipping. Hence he or she will be content with a smaller percentage on the deal.

You, as the specialist, can handle many people in this manner. Given enough clients and an efficient system of delivery, this can become a major income producer for you in race of online success.

You can even …

Expand Offline

Offer your drop shipment plan to offline stores selling related products. Go further. Offer significant discounts on volume sales to those able to carry inventory.

The giant step here is to open an offline store yourself. While this new operation must be profitable on its own, your real purpose is to boost the credibility of your website.

It’s been mentioned before, but it matters so, it’s worth repeating. Credibility is the key to success on the Web. With it, you’ll get online success. Without it, you’re doomed.

There is no better way to boost your credibility on the Web than to mention and offer photos of your offline presence.

This is such a powerful tool, you may want to open a small office off the beaten track where the rent is inexpensive. Even if you use it only to store inventory, it is an offline presence. And it adds reality and dimension to your web business.

Now here’s a key question.

Does The Above Idea Sound Crazy To You?

I hope not, for this can be a real winner. It’s not for everybody, that’s certain. But for some, this can be the smartest move you ever made.

And what matters more is that if you think this is a crazy idea, you’re likely going to say, “No,” to all such off-beat ideas.

In doing so, you limit your horizons and your profits. Be pro. Test every idea you encounter. Just fling it if it fails. Over time you’ll collect an enormous number that will continue to work indefinitely.

Wrapping Up

While there’s lots more to be considered in building a successful web business, the highlights have been covered here. Hopefully you have lots of food for thought. And some ideas you can use right now to increase your profits.

A Reminder:

Think of building a successful online business simple steps to online success as a five step process as follows.

+ Planning: There’s no hurry in this. Take the time to get it right.
+ Building: Again, take this a step at a time. Build a simple site through which you can effectively test your plan. And keep your wallet in your pocket while doing so.
+ Performance: When you find a site that works, flawless site performance is fundamental. Get this one right.
+ Promotion: Given a flawless site, Promote! Promote! Promote!
+ Expanding: Reach out in all possible ways. Try every idea that comes to mind. Only fling it if it fails.

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