5 Simple Steps To Online Success! (Part 5 of 6)

Online Success

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 08:39 pm

How To Promote Your Site And Boost Your Bottom Line!

Even when your site is up and working well, the ongoing task of improving site performance continues to gain online success fast. This means seeking to improve the copy every now and then. And reviewing every page on your site on a regular interval, to be certain it continues to do its job.


Excepting the above, all else is promotion. The continuing search to bring more targeted traffic to your site, and thus make more sales.

And in this task, always …

Online Success
Online Success

Follow The Pros (Online Success Giants)

The amateur, filled with uncertainty, tends to hesitate to try anything new. In fact well established businesses often refuse to try a new idea. They do not want to upset what they have with an idea that may fail.

The professional knows a lot of ideas will flop. In fact top marketers have far more failures than most in race of online success. Why?

They rush to embrace every new idea that comes along. They try it and watch the results. Their guiding rule is: If it fails, fling it. And they don’t hesitate to do so.

Turn pro right now. Try everything that comes to mind. Then toss it quickly if it doesn’t work. This tried and proven method is a fundamental tool to top marketers. And it works. Even if only 1 in 3 new ideas works, you do have one that does. Now go find another.

Here are a few things you ought to try.

For openers, consider …

Press Releases – Online Success

Lots of people waste lots of money on these announcements. I dont believe its important part of online success. It seems conventional to send a press release throughout the world about every product introduced. This will fizzle nearly every time. And continued efforts will waste big gobs of bucks.

Hold up a second.

Think about this.

What does the press need? What do they pay reporters to find in the field?

News. Period. The announcement of a new product on your site may be exciting to you and your customers. It means nothing to the news media.

Press releases work wonders, but only in one case. When you have a fascinating story to tell. One the public will enjoy hearing about.

If you introduce a new kind of widget, this is not news. But if you donate fifty of them to a local school, and a bunch of kids win a statewide contest because of your product, this is news.

Send a press release to every address you can find. It will be printed. And profits will be forthcoming.

Another dandy sales generator is …

Free Trials

You’ve probably seen the power of this approach in action. Lots of computer software is sold this way. “Try before you buy.” The power of your guarantee pales in comparison to this approach.

If you’re promoting an ebook, give away the first three chapters. If you have a course, offer the first three lessons. Given a set of audio cassettes, send the first one free.

In offering free trials, you won’t close all sales. But there is a viral spin off. The names of your site and products get around. There’s no way to put a dollar value on this word-of-mouth advertising, but it can be immense.

An optional plan is to consider …

Viral Marketing – Wonder Tools

The idea behind this approach is a one-time effort that spreads like a “virus” across the Web. This is a marvelous tool that can effectively draw traffic for years and you will be able to complete your goals for online success.

As for what to release, anything that lots of people will find useful, that they will pass on to others. And there’s the key, that it is passed on to others.

The easiest product to put together is a quality ebook loaded with great ideas from which your potential customers can benefit. One that also contains links to products and services on your site.

But the wave of the future, may be …

Link Swaps

Search engines are no longer able to drive free traffic to your site in the quantity you need. New alternatives need to be explored to promote your site for online success. And trading links with other sites may be the best option available.

Experts claim that because of the popularity factors in search engine ranking routines, you should only exchange links with sites stronger than yours. This seems silly to me. I suggest making every link swap possible. But there is one requirement you can not overlook.

Sites with which you exchange links need to expand or compliment your site and offerings in some way. If you’re selling tropical fish, forget a link to a gun merchant. But do consider one to a pet store, for both relate to living things as pets.

There are many other methods than mentioned above. Again, see Site Promotion under Topics in our Library.

Now let’s turn to one of the legendary resources for driving free traffic to your site. The problem is, most are no longer free.

It now takes bucks to …

Play The Search Engine Game

Search engines used to provide all the traffic a person needed. Now the game has changed. You need bucks to be a major player.

When you get to a point where a hit generates a dime in profit, you can begin to consider some of these options. Sumantra Roy can generate targeted hits at five cents each. But for most search engine traffic, you’ll need to pay considerably more.

When just getting started, you probably don’t have this kind of money. And even if you do, the best plan is to wait a time until you have fully proved your site is producing.

To repeat myself, do submit your pages to Google, AltaVista, AllTheWeb (FAST), and DMOZ, a directory. These sites will not deliver all the traffic you need, but they will deliver some. So they are must-submit-to sites.

While many disagree with me, I feel future success on the Web will depend upon …

The Power Of Advertising

In simple terms here’s the power. If a dollar spent on advertising returns your dollar, and three more in profit, you’re in fat city. The more you advertise, the more you make. Theoretically without limit.

Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. Many must be content with a dollar in profit on a dollar spent on advertising. This also works, but there’s a catch. You must track your campaigns intently at all times. Why?

A given ad may pull $80 in profit for an $80 cost for the ad. As mentioned, this is workable. However this ad may lose effectiveness over time. If you do not track with care, you may discover at some point you are paying $80 for an ad that is returning only $10. Which means you’re losing money, quickly.

Still, advertising works. And it may be the only method on the Web that will continue to be a reliable producer of profits. So jump in and make it work. If you watch your wallet, advertising can do wonders.

As mentioned, site promotion is an ongoing task, and the driving force behind increasing profits. But there is still one step to be taken.

How to …

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