5 Simple Steps To Online Success! (Part 3 of 6)

Good Tools Needed

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How To Build Your Site And Get It Right The First Time!

The rule here that matters most is to not rush things for online success. As suggested in previous part, there is no point to creating a site until you have great answers to the questions already posed. If you have missed previous parts don’t forget to read them to get full concept of online success.


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In fact, some people start their business with only a newsletter. This works, even as you continue seeking the best answers to questions that matter. And it gives you an excellent opportunity to test your ideas. Ask your readers what they think, and listen closely to their answers.

Getting back to what’s needed to build a winning site, first you need …

A Great Domain Name

It’s got to be short, memorable, and easy to spell. Sure, you’ve heard this before. Still most seem to believe otherwise. What do you think of EditingYouCanCountOn.com?

Nuts, is my reaction. It’s too long, for one thing. Much too long to expect folks to type it in correctly.

Great Domain Name - Online Success
Great Domain Name – Online Success

Compare EditingYouCanCountOn.com to EditGenie.com. If there’s any question in your mind which is best, then do some thinking. For the right domain name matters. (As an aside, find a name with .com as the extension. Ignore all others.)

Further, it needs to say something of what you offer, as the above two names point to editing services. This means you can’t make a great choice, until you have answered the fundamental questions about the foundations of your business.

Since 1999 or so, good two-word domain names have become increasingly hard to find. There are those who say don’t bother trying.

So begin your search early if you start journey of your online success. It takes time to find a great name. See Getting Started under Topics in our Library. Several tools are noted that can help in your search. You may even find a name that triggers an idea about products that will work for you.

Track those you find available. But don’t buy until you know you have a great name that fits the site you plan to build.

Next up you need to find …

A Great Hosting Service

Forget freebie hosting. It doesn’t work. Serious visitors will exit immediately with a thought such as, “Jeeze, if this guy can’t afford a hosting service, what’s his product worth?” [Sound of mouse click on Back button.]

Great Hosting Service
Great Hosting Service

Believe it. You must have a paid-for hosting service. But this doesn’t mean putting a mortgage on your home.

Okay. We’ve explained why a great domain name is a must. And suggested how to find a hosting service. It has also been pointed out a freebie host won’t work.

Before turning to the site you are going to create, let’s look at the …

Good Tools Needed

There is lots of software available with which you can create web pages. And as with all else, you can hire this out. But it costs. And it leaves you dependent upon others when even the slightest change is needed.

Good Tools Needed
Good Tools Needed

If you know nothing about HTML, the language in which web pages are written, You should try WordPress, a free CMS, you can easily learn it from hundred of free online resources. When you’ve worked your way through it, you’ll have all you need to build a web page of your own. You’ll love it, just as have thousands of others have.

After getting basic WordPress training you know its easy to decide which is best for you, Lets assume wordpress is not fine then you should start with …

An HTML Editor Or A Page Editor

There are two options for building pages. One is to create the HTML in an editor while viewing them in your browser. This is the approach used in the Web Page Starter Kit.

HTML Editor
HTML Editor

However I recommend getting an HTML editor, rather than messing with a text editor. You can build good pages more quickly and easily.

Many, perhaps most, prefer a web page editor. They add in the HTML codes needed to display what you enter on the screen. Artists tend to favor Dreamweaver from Macromedia. But I found it difficult to learn and cumbersome to use. Further, it’s expensive.

Microsoft’s Front Page may be your best bet. While also pricey, it is easier to use than most. But don’t kid yourself. Whether you decide to use an HTML or page editor, it takes some time to figure how to use these tools.

Now let’s get to what you’ll use these tools for.

In beginning to build a site, …

Do You Need An Artist?

Absolutely not. You can spend lots of bucks, only to find you have wasted them. Why?

Do You Need An Artist?
Do You Need An Artist?

You still haven’t proved your business idea will work. It’s easy enough to put up a good site and see if people are interested. But can you be certain you’ve got a winning idea before doing so?

There’s simply no way. Testing is a fundamental key to success on the Web. To blow $3000.00 for art work on a site that fails is heartbreaking. Particularly since there’s no need to take such a risk.

All you need is …

A Simple Site That Works – Online Success

Now if you’re new to all this, you may say something silly like, “That ain’t nothing.” If you do, you’re dead wrong. A very simple site of only a few pages is all you need to test your business idea.

A Simple Site That Works
A Simple Site That Works

The key here is that if it doesn’t work, you haven’t lost more than the cost of a domain name and a couple month’s hosting. The time you spent was not really wasted. You learned some things you’ll be able to use later. And whatever tools you bought for site building can be used indefinitely.

This is the only way to go. A simple navigation system, copy that’s easy to read, and the beginnings of a good image. For taking orders, go with ClickBank or PayPal. While the cost per transaction is more than with a merchant account, it’s dirt cheap to get started.

Submit your pages to those search engines that still allow free submission, Google, Bing, AltaVista, AllTheWeb (FAST), and DMOZ. You won’t get lots of hits, so it will take time. But you will get some.

If you get a sense your idea may work, consider some modest advertising. I’m not talking 5000 impressions at Yahoo; that’s utter foolishness. Find a couple of ezines your potential customers follow, and try an ad or two at something like $40 each.

Follow The Professionals – Online Success

You’ll discover in a matter of months, if your idea is good or a flop. In the latter case, scrap it, and build another plan.

Follow The Professionals
Follow The Professionals

Professionals work this way. They trash all ineffective ideas, then try something else. Even if you are only a beginner, follow the lead of professionals in this.

If you make enough sales, you know you’re good. It’s time to go all out.

The tough spot to be in, and the one most commonly encountered, is with results in the middle. That is, you haven’t enough to go all out. Yet it isn’t a total failure.

So …

What Can Be Done With A Questionable Site?

Tinker with it some. Then try a few more ads. Again, watch the wallet. If you continue for a time, you may find a better indication of whether to continue or trash it.

Questionable Site
Questionable Site

But there’s an alternate approach that can be a real winner. Let the site run. Accept whatever sales you can get. And sustain and grow the newsletter.

But otherwise, ignore this site and …

Build A Better Site

This doesn’t amount to starting over. You know who your potential customers are. Just find a better product, and go again. Add some content to your previous site that will draw a click from visitors interested in your new one.

Build A Better Site
Build A Better Site

You may end up with several sites before connecting with a winner. But you may also be able to keep them going as traffic generators for your new site.

Always be patient with yourself. Don’t rush things. You can discover a site that works for you.

Then the task becomes how to …

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