5 Simple Steps To Online Success! (Part 2 of 6)

Plan The Bright Future Of Your Dreams

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How To Plan The Bright Future Of Your Dreams by Online Success!

5 Simple Steps To Online Success! (Part 1  of 6)


Newcomers to the Web often take a quick look around for online success. They Find a product that looks good. Then grab a site template, maybe from a free hosting service. Toss up a site. Then kick back and wait for sales. And they wait. And wait. Typically they stalk off muttering something like, “The Web don’t work.”

Try this. Pick a lovely spot in a park. Put up an umbrella to shade a comfortable chair. On a table, set up three television sets with a “For Sale” sign on top of each.

Plan The Bright Future Of Your Dreams
Plan The Bright Future Of Your Dreams

How long do you think it will take to sell them? Could you ever sell even one? Unlikely. People can see in a glance you might not be here tomorrow if something goes wrong. In fact for all they know, they could be looking at stolen goods.

This won’t work offline. And it won’t work online.

Before starting any business, there are questions to be answered. And the answers need to be good. Your business will soon collapse given flaws in the foundation.

So give yourself plenty of think time and find great answers to questions such as …

+ What kinds of people do you enjoy being around?
+ What do they need they would buy from you?
+ How will you offer more than others can?

A Flawless Foundation Is A Must

Uncovering the best possible answers to questions such as these is not easy. On the other hand, there’s not a lot of work involved. It’s mostly a matter of exploring the Web and thinking about what you discover.

Take your time in this. There’s no hurry. In some way, discover answers to these questions that suit you best. Get this right, and you’re on your way to success.

Okay, but …

Why Do These Answers Matter so?

You’re going to spend a lot of time with your customers, one way or another. To the extent they are folks you enjoy being with, it will be good time.

If the people you hang out with like Fords and Chevies, don’t sign on with a Rolls Royce agency. You wouldn’t know what to say to people with this kind of money.

If you’re a tree-hugger, and hang with like minded people, you won’t get far trying to sell these folks body armor or combat rifles. The better plan would be to look into environmentally-friendly products.

Okay, so I’ve got this figured. I know who I like being around. So …

How Do I Find Out What They Need?

If you want online success then you should consider their buying habits. Note what they buy most frequently. Find a way to offer similar or better products.

Visit forums and newsgroups your potential customers frequent. Listen a lot. But also ask questions.

If you’re interested in back packing, ask which pack is preferred? Then listen to the answers. And respond as possible. You may discover one people like, that is hard to find. Or one new on the market that’s going to be a winner.

When you get closer to identifying a product you want to represent, find serious minded people and ask what they think of the idea. You can gather a ton of great info from the right person for the cost of a cup of coffee.

All that remains is to …

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Discover A Way To Offer More Than Others Do

In some way you need to stand out from others promoting similar products. Having a better product than others works fine. Often, though, better support alone gets it done.

A fundamental key to online success on the Web lies in building credibility. Providing great support of itself, goes a long way toward building customer loyalty and trust in you.

An Aside: A multiple product site usually works better than one selling only a single product. For it’s difficult to get a visitor to buy. But much, much easier to get a contented customer to return and buy another product. However you can feature one particular product, and still offer a host of things related to it.

Now, getting back to fundamental questions, …

Exactly Who Is Your Perfect Customer?

This answer matters most. For everything you do or say, is directed to this person.

The reason this works is that you can’t satisfy everybody. So you define one hypothetical person who best represents your potential customers. Then direct all to this person. In doing so, your message will ring true. Even those who do not fit your definition will recognize this truth.

What it all comes down to is …

Defining Your Niche

You need a small slice of the Web pie in which you focus all your efforts. One in which you can become the expert. Not necessarily before you open your business. But ultimately you want to become the guru or leading expert. Or at least one of the best.

You’ll want to consider other resources in finding answers that work for you. In these brief notes, only the highlights are presented.

About Writing And Copy-writing

If your writing skills are not first rate, consider starting to strengthen them as you begin seeking answers. Excepting articles and information to be included on your site, all is copyrighting, creating words that compel your visitors to buy. Many find this is the most difficult writing task. And often the difference between a successful and failing site lies in the quality of the copy.

Seeking ways to improve your writing skills is one of the ongoing tasks all online business people face. Sure, you can hire this work out. But wow, does it cost. The better plan is to strengthen whatever skills you have over time.

Tackle Copyrighting As A Starting Point

There’s no better place to begin than with copy-writing, for you’ll likely find this to be the most challenging. Joe Robson has a great free tutorial at <AdCopywriting.com>.

And he has written a fantastic book, “Make Your Words Sell.” Better than anyone I know, he understands the special needs of writing for the Web.

Getting Back On Course

The idea of strengthening your writing skills has little to do with answering fundamental questions. But it has a whole lot to do with building a successful site. So give this a try, even as you begin thinking of what your business will be. This lead time will prove invaluable.

For now, let’s assume you are working to improve your writing skills and that you have the answers you need.

Then it’s time consider how to …

“Build Your Site And Get It Right The First Time!” .

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