5 Simple Steps To Online Success! (Part 1 of 6)

Online Success

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:03 am

“How To Get Online Success by Plan, Build, Polish, Promote, Expand and Profit From Your Website In 5 Proven Easy-To-Follow Steps!”

The founder of Round Pulse Yasir Pervez assigned me a special assignment today to provide roadmap of online success based on valuable and important information to our visitors. I am here to show you the five essential steps in building your own successful online business. They are …


How to …

1- Plan The Bright Future Of Your Dreams!
2- Build Your Site And Get It Right The First Time!
3- Polish And bone Your Site For Flawless Performance!
4- Promote Your Site And Boost Your Bottom Line!
5- Expand Your Business And Multiply Your Profits!

In what follows, I’ll briefly describe what each step amounts to. And I’ll share a bit about why each element is needed for online success. And something about how to make it happen. Throughout, there are links to further resources, some free and some with a price tag.


In many cases you’ll want further info. In the end of article you can send your question by comment, I will give detailed response of every query. 

While many sites charge for use of such resources, we at Round Pulse offers our visitors free advises at no charge. We want to see you successful. Feel free to read our articles as often and for as long as you like. It is updated daily.

Now let’s get on to …

Should You Start A Web Business for Online Success?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Do it. Right now. Why?

Start A Web Business for Online Success
Start A Web Business for Online Success

First, it’s fun. I put up my first website in 2006 and sold a computer program I had written. I made some bucks. Moved on to better things. And now I have many websites, with others to come. And I’ve enjoyed the whole of it.

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You will, too. You’ll love the dynamic. The freedom. The feeling of unlimited power.

Sure, there’s things to be done. Let’s be straight about this. But so long as profits follow, the effort is justified.

What matters more is that you can now succeed in the business of your choice. You can become your own boss.

Some products are easier to promote than others. But given the scope of the Web and the many millions who explore it every day, you can find folks who will buy what you offer. And you can stuff your pockets with profits.

Opportunities abound. You only need to embrace the one that suits you best. Then go for it! All out!!!

Now …

easyA Word About “Easy”

Online or offline, one of the most powerful words in advertising is, “Easy” Check the ads in the back of “Popular Mechanics,” the stuff you get in your postal mailbox, site after site on the Web, and, of course, your junk email. “Easy” may be the word most often used. And the fact is, it works.

That is, it works in advertising. But the hard truth is that few things worth doing are easy. So let’s look reality square in the face.

Is the following true?

It’s Easy To Build A Successful Business

Stuff and nonsense. Run from anybody or any offer that claims it is. If it were so, we’d all be rich, and there’d be nobody we could hire to paint our house or fix our car!

Online Success
online success

It’s fair to say it is easier to build a business online than offline. In fact it’s much easier. But to claim it is easy is to lie.

Face it. While there is nothing inherently difficult to be done, there are things that must happen. And you don’t need to be a genius. Plain old-fashioned common sense will do nicely.

While you can hire out most tasks, the better plan is to grit your teeth and do it yourself. In doing so, you’ll save a ton of bucks.

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