5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Fake Key Generators For Windows 8

Fake Key Generators For Windows 8

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:02 pm

Today its seems that windows 8 is the very big milestone for the Microsoft. Because they have worked a lot on this project. Before this they had faces a lot of disturbance from Android and iOS too because they were taken over Microsoft’s reputation in the smartphones’ market, So this made Microsoft a little disturbed. But now after the huge success of Microsoft’s Windows 8 every thing is suddenly changed. Windows 8 not only becomes popular in the computers’ industry but it is also becomes famous in smartphones. Every big cell phone company is busy in making windows 8 smartphones because of the big orders and because they are selling like hot cakes. So, this is the success story of windows, now everyone want to install windows 8 by hook or crook specially the Computer users are doing and finding these types of  ways. Some are trying to get trial version which is not upgradeable but mostly are of 90 days, its good to judge them before installing because by doing this you can check your compatibility with windows 8. Some people use fake key generators, which are some types of software which generate fake product keys to install windows 8 in the PC, this particular method is very dangerous and here are 5 reasons why you should not use fake key generators for windows 8.

Not Use Fake Key Generators For Windows 8
Not Use Fake Key Generators For Windows 8

1: First and Most Important Its against the rules:

First of all the most important thing is its against the rules to use fake key generators for installing windows 8 on your device. Microsoft have spent millions of dollars on research and development of a wonderful operating system for all types of devices from desktops to laptops, from smartphones to tablets and from laptops to netbooks, windows 8 suits every thing special. So, Microsoft have legal right to make money from Windows 8. You should buy windows 8 because its good for all.

2: Fake Key Generators For Windows 8 are not safe:

Not only Fake key generators for windows but most key generators on the web for anything are not safe for your computer and for you too. The reasons why these key generators are not safe is mostly all the key generators are malwares. Whenever you will install them on your PC or on other devices, the antivirus installed on it will always warns you about that product. So, its really dangerous to have a fake key generator in your PC.

3: They Might have big Virus In them:

As its popular that to download anything from internet is always dangerous, all people say that you should install a internet security system before using internet. Same case is here, might be big case than that but not less than same that fake key generators might have dangerous virus in them. These Viruses can fall your computer and you into a great trouble. So, think twice before using fake key generators for windows 8.

4: Hackers can Access Your all data:

These types of software mostly contain Trojans in them. Trojan is like a virus which don’t create any difficulty between user and computer as virus but it can send you all of data to hackers without any noise ( I mean problem) which do not even give time of thinking what’s happening to user. So, key generators for windows 8 are not safe, think many times before using them.

5: Best Deals are still available:

The last not very important reason is that, there are still hot deals available in the market. These hot deals can keep you and your computer away from all of the dangers described above. You can get a full legal copy of windows eight in $45 or in even $15 from many places in the internet, just give your search engine a try to find such places. So, your data is more precious then money that’s why you should not use fake key generators for windows 8.

These are the some reason why you should not use fake key generators for windows 8, we hope you will like the stuff but as you know your comments can create a lot difference.

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