5 Reasons Why To Use Linux


Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:50 pm

Today there are many and many other operating systems which can be used instead of Microsoft windows, for example, Linux, Aegis, Spine and Mac Operating System. These operating systems are also very popular but not as Microsoft Windows. In these operating systems described above there are two which are competing with Microsoft Windows with real sense of competition. As everybody knows these are Mac OS and Linux computer operating System. Linux is on the second rank when we look on operating systems for our computers, Android which is very popular smartphone operating system is also known as “Linux based mobile operating system”. There is a large number of people who are using Linux but some are deciding between Microsoft and Linux. So, there are some reasons for you to understand Why to use Linux. Following are the 5 reasons why to use Linux.


1: First and Most Important It Is free of Any Cost:

Everybody wants free and free everything in its life but sorry its not possible to have everything free. For example, if you are a Windows 7 users now then you have to pay some dollars to upgrade on Windows 8. Then the question is that Is there any operating system which distribute its every latest version of free? Yes there is and Its Linux. Linux is the first best operating system which is free of any cost.

2: There is no limit of Hard work:

One thing which is very important about Linux mobile operating system is that its an open source project and volunteers from around the world work on it. As people from around the world are working on Linux to make it better and better, then how it could remain at 2nd. One day Linux will be on top.

3: There is no limitations for Linux Software:

If you are worried about that you would run out of your Microsoft Windows Software, which are available of any types. Then you do not have any need to worry about that. Because Linux have its “Linux Software Center” where you can find every types of software to do any type of work. So, there is no limitations on Linux operating, you just give it a try.

4: what If Your Computer Remains latest?

Are you sick of Microsoft windows’ updates and of rebooting your computer every time after getting updates? Then Linux is the best solution of you because it will surely cure all these types of problems. Linux Operating System gets updated daily and without rebooting. So you have no need to wait for the next service pack or occasionally updates and have no need to shut computer after getting updates.

5: Beautiful Graphics and Easy to Use:

Some people have misconceptions that Linux is very difficult to understand but according to me its very easy to understand. Beautiful Graphics of Linux attract everyone and its also very easy to use. Linux operating system also have all of the basic programs in it like, office document creator, web browser, media player etc.

So, these are the 5 reasons why to use Linux operating system. You should give Linux a try because its not a bad option. We hope you will like the stuff and never forget to comment below.

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