5 Must To Know Digital Camera Tips For The Beginners

Camera Auto focus - digital camera tips

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:03 am

Many people love photography and after the invention of the Digital cameras and cameras in the mobile phones this profession have got more attention from the people. But to be a good professional photographer is not as easy as it seems. Most of the people thinks that photography is only about picking up the camera in the hand and pressing shot button. But in reality its very difficult to be a good photographer. Digital camera are widely used in Photography and there are some digital camera tips which can help beginner photographers in enhancing their skills. These are the small points which beginners have to keep in mind while working with their digital camera.


1. Setting the camera resolution

Mostly photographers especially beginners use the maximum camera resolution all the time because they think that maximum camera resolution will always provide them high quality snaps. But you don’t need maximum quality all the time, because sometimes you need your camera to clear the buffer as early as possible so that you can take next photograph. For example if you’re a sports photographer than you always need a quick response from your camera. When you have set maximum resolution for the photos then camera takes long time to be ready to take next photograph. That’s why you should set camera resolution according to the situations. This will not only help you in better photographing but this way you will also able to put more snaps in a memory card.

camera picture sizes - digital camera tips
camera picture size

2. NEF (RAW) or JPEG

Again file format is also depend upon the situation of the shot. For example RAW files takes longer to be set up but JPEG files are stored immediately. That’s why when you think speed is important for you than go for JPEG files but when you want to give a retouch to your photographs after capturing them, that time RAW files will be a best choice.

RAW picture type- digital camera tips
RAW picture type – Digital camera tips
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3. Auto Focus or Manual Focus

Again focus also depend on the type of the situation in which you’re shooting. If you are on a car race track to capture fast moving cars than manual focus will be better option. Otherwise in simple shots auto focus is the best option.

Camera Auto focus - digital camera tips
Camera Auto focus

4. Play with the settings – Digital camera tips

This is the best way to learn something new in the photography even the professional photographers play with the setting of their camera in their spare time. Because checking out the features of your new or old camera always provide you a best lesson.

camera settings - digital camera tips
camera settings

5. Keep your Camera fully charged

This is another best tip in digital camera tips for the beginners. Before going to a campaign always check the battery of your camera and charge it fully if its missing one cell or two. Because without appropriate battery backup you can’t use your camera for a long time.

Camera battery
Camera battery – Digital camera tips

So, these are the digital camera tips for the beginners. Here we have listed some of the best camera tips for the beginner photographers which can shine their skills. We hope you will these digital camera tips for beginners but stay in touch with us for more useful tips and tricks.

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