5 Best Firefox Extensions for better Browsing

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Last updated July 8th, 2015 at 08:03 pm

Today the modern web browsers are capable of installing add-ons and extension which double the power of internet users. These add-ons or extension are very useful, for example you can keep eye on your email inbox while browsing other websites and much more. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers all over the world, its user can also install many types of addons or extension from tons of add-ons available at Mozilla website. Every type of extensions are available for Mozilla Firefox web browser like download managers, pinterest add-on, gmail extension, antivirus and much more. Today we are going to list 5 must have Firefox extension for better browsing.


5 Best FireFox Extensions for better Browsing

1. Gmail Manager

This is a really useful Firefox extension which let you check your Gmail status everywhere while surfing other websites. After installation Gmail Manager show a “mail icon” clicking on that will brings details about new messages in inbox, spam messages, space your message are taking and much more. The most interesting thing about Gmail Manager Firefox extension is that you can set multiple accounts. As you can’t just open multiple gmail accounts in one web browser So this extension could be very useful because it let users add more then one Gmail account.

Gmail Manager FireFox extension


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2. Yahoo! Mail Notifier – Best Firefox Extensions

Yahoo! Mail is also a popular mailing service online which is serving since a long time. You can also check your Yahoo! Mail inbox while surfing other websites in Mozilla Firefox browser. Yahoo! Mail Notifier notifies its users for the new messages in Yahoo mail inbox. It will show count of the new messages, whenever a new message will come it notifies you and you will be able to check that as early as possible.

Yahoo! Mail notifier


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3. Ad Block – Best Firefox Extensions

AD Block is must have Firefox extension for every internet user. These days websites use many types of adverts which disturb readers a lot. For example many popular websites specially picture and videos websites use pop up ads which takes readers to any unknown website without their permission. But good thing is that all of these types of ads can be blocked with Ad Block Firefox extension.

Adblock FireFox extension


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4. FlashGot

This is the best download manager Firefox extension. It allows Firefox users to download content from multiple links. You can download single video, single picture or all of the pictures and videos on a page with Flash Got Firefox extension. Its also a light weight extension that’s why it will also not harm the performance of Firebox.

FlashGot FireFox


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5. Web Of Trust Or WOT

Security is the biggest thread while browsing over internet. Every second website contain viruses and malwares but how can we avoid them every time? Answer is that you can avoid those threads while having a virus scanner directly installed in your browser. This Firefox extension scan every website and tell you about their trust worthiness  with three signs Green ( safe ), Yellow ( Cautious ) and Red ( not safe ). It also shows these sign in front of search results in Google, bing and Yahoo, so you can avoid visiting harm websites.

Web Of Trust


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So, this is the list of 5 must have “Firefox extensions” for better browsing experience. Installing these extension will help you doing a lot of stuff without moving from pages you’re visiting. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more useful stuff.

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