5 Most Wanted Mozilla Firefox Tips And Tricks

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Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 08:07 pm

Recently we have talked about some best Google chrome tips and tricks for ultimate browsing experience. But there is another very popular web browser which is also a true competitor of the Google Chrome. As everyone knows that is Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is also capable of doing a lot of things with the power of tons of Mozilla Firefox extensions and add-ons. Due to these type of features Firefox is the choice of many people including, developers, bloggers and marketers.


There are some special Mozilla Firefox tips and tricks which can double the power of the browser but even most of daily users don’t know about those Firefox tips and tricks. But don’t worry we are going to list 5 most wanted Mozilla Firefox tips and tricks below.

Firefox Tips And Tricks
Firefox Tips And Tricks

1. Use small Icons

Usually bloggers and developers use tons of add-ons and extension in Firefox browser that fill the browser with the icons and tool bars of many types . This thing also don’t let newly installed extensions to place their icons and the tool bar easily. Due to too much load browser also starts crashing again and again. If you’re facing the same problem than there is a way to fix it, there is an option in the Firefox to use the smaller icons. Enabling that option will lower the size of the icons and than new extension too can place their icons easily and crashing problem will also be recovered. To enable that option right click on the top side of the browser than click on the “customize” option and than check “use small icons” option.

use small icons - Firefox tips and trick
use small icons

2. Let Firefox auto complete web URL

Now you don’t need to type the full URLs to open any website. Just type the main domain ( for example, roundpulse ) without TLD and follow the instructions below to auto complete the URLs.

1. For URLs with .com press ctrl + enter after typing the main domain name.

2. For URLs with .net press shift + enter.

3 For URLs with .org press ctril + shift + enter.

auto complete URL - Firefox tips and tricks
auto complete URL

3. Go through the tabs quickly

Usually people work on too many tabs within a browser, but moving through the tabs with mouse is a very slow process. But there is a way to speed up navigation between the tabs. That’s the keyboard shortcuts supported by the Mozilla to move between the tabs. For that press ctrl + tab number which you want to open. For example ctrl + 5 will take you to the fifth tab.

go through the tabs quickly
go through the tabs quickly

4. Easy bookmarking – Firefox tips and tricks

Like Google chrome Firefox also have an easy bookmarking star button. That star button is present at the right side of the address bar. Click on that star button to quickly save opened page in the bookmark list.

easy bookmark button
easy bookmark button

5. Limit RAM for the Firefox

A Firefox browser with too many extension and add-ons installed in it uses too much RAM that in turn decrease the performance of the system. But you can decrease the usage of RAM for Firefox only, for that follow the steps below.

1. Type about:config in the address bar.

2. Type browser.cache in the search bar there.

3. Enter your own RAM value in browser.cache.disk.capacity.

Limit RAM for Firefox
Limit RAM for Firefox

So, these are the most wanted Firefox tips and tricks which can increase your browsing experience. Firefox is a powerful browser but you can even take its performance to the edge using these Firefox tips and tricks. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with for more useful guides.

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