5 Google Chrome Tips And Tricks For Better Browsing Experience

Google Chrome Tips

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 08:33 pm

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser and according to the latest news Chrome have passed over Mozilla Firefox as most preferable web browser. Google chrome is a very light and fast browser than other popular browsers like Opera and Firefox. Google chrome also support extensions to increase the browsing possibilities. Google chrome is also available for all of the famous computer and Smartphone operating systems, like Mac, windows, Android and iOS. Google chrome is a fast and feature rich web browser but its users can increase its functionality beyond the limits with some great tips and trick. Today we are going to list 5 Google chrome tips and tricks for better browsing experience.


1. Synchronize your settings on every computer

The best feature of Google chrome is that you don’t have to set up Google chrome on every device. If you are using Google chrome on more than one computer or if you are using Chrome on smartphone too then you don’t need to set up chrome in all of them. Because Google chrome use your Google account to store your bookmarks, extensions and browsing history. If you want to sign in to Google chrome then click on the menu icon then click on “sign into chrome” after that browser will ask your gmail account details.

Google Chrome Tips
Google Chrome Tips

If a Chrome user make any change with its account signed in then those changes will automatically take place in other computers attached with same gmail account.

signed in Google Chrome
signed in Google Chrome

2. Custom URL short cuts

Another interesting feature of Google chrome is that it also support custom URL short cuts. Every section of Google chrome have a custom URL to access it as quick as possible. Some popular custom URLs are below.

1. History = chrome://history/

2. Extensions = chrome://extensions/

Other things can also be accessed using same URL pattern, for example put “downloads” after “Chrome://” to open downloads and use same pattern for other things like bookmarks, any extension etc.

Google Chrome custom URLs - chrome tips
Google Chrome custom URLs

3. Pin Tabs – Chrome tips

Chrome users can also pin tabs to free up space for the new tabs. Normally unpinned tabs show title of the web page opened there. But pinned tabs only show the favicon and hide the title of the tab. Pinned tabs also cover less space than unpinned tabs. To pin a tab right click on that and then click on “pin tab” to pin that tab, pinned tab is shown in the picture below.

Pinned tabs in Google Chrome
Pinned tabs in Google Chrome

4. Keyboard short cuts

Keyboard short cuts are also a useful feature of Google chrome web browser. With keyboard short cuts Chrome users can speed up their web browsing experience. Some of the popular Chrome keyboard short cuts are listed below.

1. History = ctrl + H

2. Download = ctrl + J

3. Save page = ctrl + S

Other keywords short cuts can be viewed in the Google chrome menu as shown in the screenshot below.

Google chrome keyboard shortcuts
Google chrome keyboard shortcuts

5. Reopen closed tabs

Another useful feature of the Google chrome web browser is here. Chrome user can open recently closed tabs by right clicking on the top border line of the Chrome then they have to click on “reopen closed tabs” to open recently closed tabs.

reopen closed tabs in Google chrome
reopen closed tabs in Google chrome

So these are the 5 Google chrome tips and tricks for better browsing experience. Using these tips can really speed up the browsing experience of Google chrome users.We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us because we have more special stuff for you.

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