5 Circle Management Tips That Will Increase Your Google+ Productivity

Google+ Circle Management
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Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 05:56 pm


Google+ Circle Management
Google+ Circle Management

I have been a Google+ user since the time when it was an invite-only social media network. I must say that I have really enjoyed my time at this great social media website initiated by Google but one thing that has always bothered me is people keep adding me into their Google+ circles and keep sharing stuff with me. In response, I also have to add them to any of my Google+ circle but it becomes really a big problem for me at times because I often get confused in which circle I should add a specific person. Finally, I decided that I should get rid of this confusion and now I use Google+ without any confusion or complication.



In this post, I’m going to share 7 tips that I have crafted for you to increase your productivity on Google+ by managing your circles effectively.

Google+ Circle Management Tips
Google+ Circle Management Tips


1. Create Circles for people you want to see posts from

There are thousands of people in my Google+ circles but it doesn’t mean that I want to see posts from all those people. There are many people in circles from whom in never see any posts on my homepage because I have not added them to those circles that can show posts to me. This really keeps the trash information away and I get only productive things shared on my home page.

2. Divide your content in priority based circles

There are a lot of people in my Google+ circles from whom I love to see posts but then there are people from whom, I never want to miss any post. So, I have created different priority based circles in which I add people from whom I always want to get updates, from whom I would like to see updates but not eagerly and then the people from whom I would see posts but do nothing with them.

3. Divide people into circles from whom, you don’t want to see content

As I have stated above, there are certain people whose posts I don’t want to miss and then there are people from whom I never want to receive any posts. All such people are added into circles which don’t show updates on my homepage. This helps me see things that I’m concerned with and filter content that has nothing to do with me.

4. Limit Circles that are publicly displayed on your Google+ Profile

Of course, you will never want to expose everything about you while on social media right? So, it is better to hide certain circles on your profile that are dear to you and you don’t want any harm to happen to them. This keeps spammers away from my profile and I live peacefully on Google+. You can go to “Edit Profile”, click on circles and then select who can see and have access to your circles and people added in them.

5. Create as many circles as required

Many people think that by creating more circles they will complicate their social media life but in my case, it never gets easier than this. I have created more than 50 circles and ever month, a couple of more circles are added in the list. This helps me organize my followers and interact with them categorically.

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