5 Best Websites To Check Latest Currency Rates

Google search currency converter

Last updated September 10th, 2013 at 09:35 pm

Every country of the world have its own currency which is also like the identity of any country in international markets. Mostly people travelling any other country then their own need to buy currency of that country to fulfill their need there. Not only people travelling out of country have concern with international currencies or currency rates but people who work internationally or who have currency exchange business also need some tools to check latest currency rates. Checking currency rates online is the best way to check latest currency rates, because online currency rates are updated in real time. Popular currency exchanges also check currency rates online, today we are going to list 5 best websites to check latest currency rates.


1. Google.com – Check latest Currency Rates

Google is all in one package which offers many types of products and services. To check the latest currency rates or to convert them just type “currency converter” in Google search bar and hit enter. It will bring a currency converter with latest currency rates, select the two currencies which you want to convert and then enter the volume of the amount. Rather than Google search, Google finance also have a feature rich currency converter like Yahoo! finance.

Google search currency converter - Check latest Currency Rates

2. XE currency converter

XE currency converter is one of the best online tool to check latest currency rates. XE updates currency rates in real time and currency converter let you convert two different currencies, you just have enter the amount and have to select the currencies. Analysis of different two currencies can also be found there.

XE currency converter

3. OANDA currency converter – Check latest Currency Rates

OANDA currency converter is another best tool to check and compare latest currency rates. OANDA also updates currency rates in real time. There people can also check the exchange rate history of different two selected currencies. People can also convert currencies with the old rates and for that they just have to select the old dates for which they want exchange rates.

OANDA currency converter

4. Yahoo! Finance currency converter

Yahoo! Finance currency converter is far better than that of Google search currency converter. Because Yahoo! have a separate section for finance in which people can find useful stuff about business and finance. Here too people can check latest currency rates and can also check old trend for them. Currency rates of old dates are also available at Yahoo! finance currency converter, people can also print currency rates. Along with currency rates people can also read useful articles about currency rates at Yahoo! finance.

Yahoo! Finance currency converter

5. Bloomberg Currency rates

Bloomberg exchange rates is also another website which updates its currency rates in real time. Bloomberg exchange rates cover currency rates of more then 200 countries of the world. Rather than currency rate Bloomberg.com also gives information about bonds, markets, stock rates, commodities and gross rates.

Bloomberg currency rates

So, this is the list of 5 best websites to check latest currency rates. All of these website listed above update their currency rates in real time. Rather than only currency rates some of these websites like Yahoo! finance and Bloomberg also offer helpful guides to finance. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more helpful guides.

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