5 Best VOIP Software 2015 You Need To Know

5 best VOIP softwares

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VOIP is very popular now a days just because of its features and it reliability. What does VOIP means? VOIP is the abbreviation connected to the term “Voice over IP”. As the name shows that this is a some sort of thing which use internet in it. Basically VOIP is a system which involves internet as a medium to make calls around the world through it. Commonly known Software for making calls to other Computers and phones number, “Skype” also use this System to make calls. There are many this type of software which use this feature to make calls over IP. But in this list we have selected Top 5 “best voip software 2015” you need to know.


best voip software

5 Best VOIP Software 2015 You Need To Know

1: Skype

Skype is very popular and most used VOIP software not only in PC and other computers but its also very famous in the world of smartphones and Tablets. Skype is very easy to use you can make calls to any one in the world which is using Skype and not only you can talk to users who have Skype in their devices but you can also make calls to any one in the world without having Skype and without having an internet connection. This is VOIP feature which Skype is providing to its users.

Skype - best voip software

2: Google Voice

Google voice is another best VOIP software for making calls to any phone number in the whole world. It only requires a Google account but little subscription fee too from the users. But this fee is usually low then the regular bills of the local telecommunication service providers.

Google Voice - best voip software

3: Express Talk Business VOIP Softphone

Express Talk Business VOIP Softphone is another good to use VOIP software from NCH software company which have provided a lot number of great software for all types of operating systems. This software also provide cheap calls to all phones all over the world. PC to PC calls are also available in this software and this software provides a lot of feature for VOIP calling. You can transfer calls, can record them or can hold them too.

Express Talk Business - best voip software

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4: Mumble

The thing which is important about is that it is an open source chat and voice software which means that it is a free software. Although it is a free software but it require something different then other VOIP software which is almost necessary. The thing is you must have some Gamers’ skills in you while using Mumble chat software.

Mumble -  best voip software

5: Yahoo! Voice

Yahoo! a respectable name in the internet since times and it was at first position before Google but now its not. As it was at first so it is also offering many services since that time. Its Messenger Yahoo! was most used messenger in the computers and it was most used email account. But its still good yet. Yahoo! voice is another good service from the Yahoo! which is also based on VOIP system. Through this service you can make calls any where in the world on cheap rates.

Yahoo! Voice - best voip software

So, this is the list of top 5 “best VOIP software 2015” you need to Know, which will help you to make calls from PC to all the phone numbers in the whole world. We hope you will like the stuff and stay in touch because there is coming more.

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