5 Alternatives to iGoogle Homepage

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Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:00 am

iGoogle is one of the earliest services letting people have their own personalized homepage. In that homepage Google users can add widgets of different types for getting information about things they love at one page. For example you can add news widget to keep in touch with latest news, you can add gmail gadget to see latest emails and a lot of other gadgets. So, its a lot of fun at one page. But the point to worry is that iGoogle is going to down from November of this year, which means if you’re a iGoogle user your page will be gone. Google thinks that now iGoogle is not needed anymore, but if you disagree with Google then you can also use some of other personalized homepage tools to keep enjoying. Yes! there are some other tools which could be true alternatives to iGoogle. Today we are going to list 5 alternatives to igoogle homepage and below are those.


1. igHome – Alternatives to iGoogle Homepage

This personalized homepage service will be a great alternative to iGoogle when it will be shut down. Because igHome completely looks like iGoogle and also easy to use like that. igHome also support widgets which display a variety of RSS feeds, calender, bookmarks and other things. The main reason why iGoogle will be a great hit is that it show more love to Google products like Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Play etc. At the top of the page it shows a bar which is linked to all of the popular Google products.

ighome - alternatives to igoogle homepage

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2. Netvibes

Netvibes is also a popular personalized start page service serving since years. It also offer a lot of types of widgets for weather, web searches, RSS feeds, calender, to do lists and much more. Like igHome netvibe also have a mobile optimized website to use these services on mobile. Another good thing about iGoogle is that it also have an iPhone application.


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3. My Yahoo! – Alternatives to iGoogle Homepage

Google made iGoogle for letting people have their personalized home page and Yahoo made My Yahoo! to compete with iGoogle. In My Yahoo personalized home page you can check your emails from Yahoo account, can also check tweets, can know about weather situation around the world, can see latest news and much more. But in My Yahoo, there are no widgets which will allow you to connect with Google products like gmail, YouTube etc.

My Yahoo

4. Protopage

Everything here at protopage are widgets which also makes it bit cluttered but due to the variety of widgets its worth to have a personalized homepage at Protopage. Another good feature of Protopage is that you can also customize the colors and can also change background if default design not looks good to you.


5. Ustart

Ustart is another best tool to create free personalized homepage. Ustart’s design is really eye catching, widgets of different sizes are available which let you stay connected with updates from Facebook, Twitter, News, Weather and RSS feeds of other websites. You can also configure ustart to receive your emails there.


So, this is the list of 5 alternatives to igoogle homepage. Now you don’t need to worry about the iGoogle, because you can use these tools to have personalized homepage.

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