4 Best Selfie Phone Extender


Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:05 am

Are you fed up of embarrassed and ugly looking selfies? Do your friends make a fun of your selfies? Do you think that your face is not photogenic? Now you do not have a need to blame yourself and to torture yourself because “selfie phone extender” is the solution of all your problems.


Nowadays, many selfie phone extenders are being used like Extendable handheld selfie stick, Gabbagoods selfie camera remote shutter, Kootek Bluetooth remote shutter release, Impulse wireless controller, Muku shuttr remote control, etc.


4 Best Selfie Phone Extender

Extendable Handheld Selfie Stick is a collapsible rod that functions like the extendable pointers that are used by public speakers for presentations. A camera with a tripod mount is attached on the top of its rod. To take next selfie, all you need is to attach your smartphone to the selfie stick, set the timer on the camera and pull out the stick and make pose.


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Whether you hate selfie or love selfie, there is no doubt that selfies are taking the globe by the tempest. But taking a good selfie is not an easy task to do. It requires ability and a sturdy hand. But you do not have a need to get tensed because GabbaGoods Selfie Camera Remote Shutter has reduced this problem. It is for the iPhone and iPad. It one works with iOS devices. It is cheap in cost. It does not require any app installation. It’s easy to use. All you need to do is to plug in the shutter’s cable to iPhone or iPad’s jack and press the remote button to click a photo.


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Kootek Bluetooth Remote Shutter Release is one of the best choices for taking the perfect selfie. It is a compact remote control and has two buttons. One button is labeled as Android and other is labeled as iOS/Camera 360. It is mainly used for the Android devices. It also works on video mode. For using video mode, it is only required to switch from camera mode to video mode and the remote is used to stop and start video recording.


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The smartphones are getting smarter day by day and so its cameras are. People now use their phone cameras as their primary cameras but one thing that is missing in the smartphones is the remote control for the camera shutter but you do not have a need to worry about this because Muku Shuttr Remote Control has resolved this problem. It is the slimmest shutter remote control. It is tiny and light in weight. It can be added to key-chain very easily. The best feature of the Muku Shuttr Remote Control is that it supports both iOS and Android devices.


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The above explained are some selfie phone extenders. The biggest problem that one faces while taking a selfie is to press the on-screen button but due to these selfie phone extenders, one can easily click his selfie. Selfie Phone Extenders are easy to use. It has reduced our problem of capturing a good selfies.

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