25 Best Budget Gadgets for Photographers 2018

Amazing Photography Accessories for Daily Photo Shoots


Last updated August 5th, 2018 at 06:53 pm

If you travel a lot and you like photography then believe me these gadgets are made for you. Today we will show “best gadgets for photographers 2018″. They are affordable and the best pieces in the market.



1. Genda 2Archer SLR Backpack Camera Bag 2018

This bag is waterproof. Its size is 28cm(L) x 18cm(W). It is made of high quality polyester. It is easy to take anywhere.

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Genda 2Archer SLR Backpack Camera Bag

2. 4-Way Professional Macro Focusing Rail Slider for DSLR DC

It is the newest product in the market. It helps photographers to position the camera and focus the object properly.

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4-Way Professional Macro Focusing Rail Slider for DSLR DC

3. SP Gadgets Section Pistol Trigger

It is compatible with Hero3 and Hero4 cameras. It is specially design for underwater photography.

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4.Camera Lens Stainless Steel Thermos & Lens Lid

It also becomes a coffee and tea mug at the time of need. It is made of high quality material.

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5. Evecase Large Canvas Messenger SLR/DSLR Camera Bag

It is water resistant. It won’t let rain to damage your camera. You can also keep your cellphone or laptop in it if it is raining.

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Evecase Large Canvas Messenger SLR/DSLR Camera Bag

6. Scanner for 35mm Film and Slides

It convert film negatives into digital photos of 14 mega pixels. You just have to press a button for the whole operation.

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7. HQRP Portable Deep Red LED Flashlight

This flashlight has been specially designed for wildlife photographers. It required AAA triple battery which is not included in package.

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8. Lowepro S&F Deluxe Technical Belt S/M for Photographers 2018

It can fit to waist sizes from 32-53 in. It has multiple sliplock tab. It is light weight.

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9. Matin Multi Shooting Gloves for Pro Camera Photographers 2018

They are made pure polyester. Available in black color and in large size. They are slip resistant.

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10. CamLabs Camera Lens Mug

It can used as a lens at time of photography and as a mug while resting. It is made of stainless steel.

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11. Lowepro S&F Technical Harness for Photographer 2018

This one size fits almost all size of people. It is light weight and flexible. It is not heavy as S&F Light Utility Belt.

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12. Photographer’s Loupe With 6x Power lens

It increase 6x better result of your camera. It is like by many photographers.

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13. Men’s Plus Big & Tall Zipper Photographer Vest

It is made cotton to keep you warm in cold weather. Order it now and 60% discount on it. =>BUY NOW

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14. Lowepro S&F Audio Utility Bag 100 for Photographers 2018

This bag has a sliplock attachment. You can easily and safely take you digital or DSLR camera in it.

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15. Fashion Popular Camera Lens

It is not just an ordinary camera lens, it has a mini fan it which keeps you calm even in hot temperature.

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16. SE ML7510 Photographer’s Loupe

It increases 10X magnification of your camera. It is a great gadget for photographers because it lightweight.

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17. A Lux Meter for Photographer – Gifts For Photographers 2018

You can take it easily in your pocket because its small size. It measures the light available for photography.

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18. Exell Battery Charger Kit – Amazing Photography Accessories

It includes a charging kit and 4 1200mAh batteries. You can take it while traveling or can use for charging camera batteries at home.

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19. HQRP High Power Tactical 3W 625nm Red LED Flashlight

It has adjustable focus. Photographers can use for night photography at forests. It requires 3x AAA batteries.

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20. Mutifunction Dslr Camera Lens

It has clock, Alarm and calendar function it. It also has beautiful lamp projector star twilight.

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21. LowePro Photographers Gloves

They are warm and comfortable. They won’t disturb you while taking photographs. Available in medium size.

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22. HDE Hot Shoe SLR/DSLR Microphone Multi Purpose Stand

It also has music and lighting feature in it. Buy it and attach your camera with for still photography or video shooting.

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23. Fomito Micnova Multi Double Camera Dual Carrying Photographer Vest

Now you can carry two camera at one because of this belt. It is made of  Polypropylene & Mesh Fabric. It is easy and safe to wear.

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24. Lsgoodcare Camera Strap Belt Suit For AR Series

It is designed for AR series cameras and camcorder. It can be adjusted according to the size of the person who is wearing it.

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25. Sougayilang Breathable Quick Dry Mesh Fishing Vests

It is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It is great for safari photography. Available in 3 colors.

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