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Top 10 Cheap & Best Selling Mp3 player 2021 UK

Top 10 Best Budget Mp3 Players 2021 UK under 50$

Are you a music lover and looking for the best budget mp3 players so you can enjoy the music while travelling, studying, and working out in a gym or jogging? Purchasing a music device cost you a lot especially when you are not aware of the features which you must look at when purchasing one. With the guide below, we will help you to by a best budgeted mp3 player at a very reasonable price. So, you can enjoy the music at any time without worrying to buy an expensive music device like an iPod etc.

Best MP3 Players buy online in 2021 UK

Best Mp3 PlayerStorage (GB)Best Price
AGPTEK128 View Price
AGPTEK8 View Price
SanDisk Clip8 View Price
AGPTEK16 View Price
SanDisk32 View Price
Digital Clip8 View Price
AGPTEK8 View Price
Best Budget MP3 Player8 View Price
AGPTEK Clip8 View Price
Mini MP3 Player16 View Price

Before we talk about the guide on how to buy the best budget mp3 players, let’s take a look at options available in the term to buy best mp3 players online in 2020.

1# AGPTEK – Top Rated MP3 Player Bluetooth 2021 UK

The first MP3 should not only be very budgeted but also best in term of features, sound quality and playback time. The first pick of our in best budgets MP3 players is best in all of these. The price may look a bit high as compare to other mp3 players in this list but look at the number of features which you are getting in return.

Playback time: The MP3 player gives different playback time on earphones and Bluetooth. It gives up to 50 hours via earphones and 16 hours via Bluetooth. If you look at other MP3 players, you will found that no mp3 player can give 16 hours of playback time via Bluetooth headphones.

Charging time: The battery timing is not the only thing which makes this MP3 best but its charging time too which is very fast. The mp3 player gets fully charged within 3 hours only.

Storage capacity: The internal memory of this MP3 player is 16GB which is enough to create a playlist of thousands of songs, but if you are willing for more, then you can upgrade the storage capacity up to 128GB simply by using a memory card.

Sound quality: This mp3 player will give you clear crystal sound with an amazing listening experience. To make it enjoyable for everyone, this mp3 player supports all the audio formats including APE, MP3, FLAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, ACELP and much more.

Features: Some of the outstanding features of this mp3 player are options of bookmarks, resume playback, background radio, music playback setting, options to display lyrics and time screensaver etc. It is no less than any latest music devices available in the market.

Get this MP3 player now as it is giving you the features of iPod and other expensive music devices at very cheap price.

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2# AGPTEK Best MP3 Lossless Sound Music Player the UK

What else could be better than an MP3 player with LCD screen, a very long playback time, fast charging time and excellent internal storage and yet available at a very cheap price? I know it is impossible to believe but look at our next pick. This stylish MP3 player has all of these which we have mentioned here. Let’s look at other features in-depth and know that why people are buying it and rating it an outstanding MP3 player.

Playback time: The battery of this MP3 player can last for a whole 3 days. Yes, you can enjoy the music for up to 70 hours once the device is fully charged.

Charging time: You don’t need to spend hours to charge this MP3 player completely. You can fully charged this MP3 player in just 2 hours.

Storage capacity: The internal storage of this MP3 player is 8 GB which allow you to store thousands of audio files but you can extend this storage by using an SD card up to 128GB.

Sound quality: The high quality and lossless sound quality is one of the main attractions of this device which does not work with limited audio formats only but with all major audio formats.

Features: Due to LCD, you can see the name of a song, create a playlist and even organize songs in folders. This MP3 player also allows you to not only enjoy FM but record the FM radio shows etc.

Grab this very budgeted MP3 player now as it is one of few MP3 players exist in such a cheap price and the high number of features.

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3# SanDisk Clip – Best Sport MP3 Player 2021 UK

An LCD Mp3 player always allows you to control the audio files easily and you always can easily identify which song is playing. The LCD mp3 players cost a bit extra as they come up with extra features. Out next MP3 player has LCD but its price is very reasonable. Following we are sharing its features to help you to understand that why this LD mp3 player is cheaper and popular.

Playback time: Once the MP3 player is completely charged, you can enjoy the music up to 25 hours. Usually, the MP3 player with LCD does not give that much playback time as LCD required some usage of battery too.

Charging time: There is no mentioned about the charging time of this MP3 player, but as per customer reviews, it is no more than 2 hours.

Storage capacity: The internal storage offered by this MP3 player device is 8GB which is enough to store thousands of songs but if you are willing to get more, then you have always option to extend the storage by using a memory card.

Sound quality: Its deliver not only high-quality sound but also dynamic sound. When it’s come to supporting music file formats, it supports a wide range of them. You can play almost all type of audio files easily on this MP3 player.

Features: The 128×128 pixels LCD screen is the main attraction of this MP3 player which makes it a bit expensive but you get more than just that. This MP3 player comes up with touchable buttons, ability to read eBooks and much more.

Buy this stylish MP3 player not just as your working out partner but you can enjoy the music anytime and have it when you are in college or school to record the lectures.

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4# AGPTEK – Best Supports MP3 Player

If you are looking for an MP3 player which can store thousands of songs and comes up with the option to extend the memory capacity up to 125GB, then you need to look at our next pick which is an AGPTEK MP3 player and it cost very low. But the storage is not the only thing to get impressed. Following we are sharing some more details about it:

Playback time: As this MP3 player has Bluetooth, that’s why it gives different playback time on earphone and Bluetooth. You get up to 6 hours on Bluetooth and 24 hours of audio playback by earphone.

Charging time: To get 24 hours of playback time, this MP3 player needed to be fully charged which takes about 3 hours only.

Storage capacity: These blue colour budgeted MP3 players comes up with an internal storage of 16 GB which is great at such a low price. You can also expand it up to 125GB simply by using a memory or SD card.

Sound quality: This MP3 player offered lossless sound quality and support all most all the major audio formats from MP3 to WMA, FLAC, ACC and even APE and OGG etc.

Features: This MP3 player comes up with so many features which one always wants in an MP3 player. For example, it has an LCD to know what sound is playing, it has Bluetooth, it is sweat proof and made from reflective material. This MP3 comes up with the resume playback and bookmarks options too. Other than this, you will get the clip-on design to enjoy the music while working-out easily.

On the backside of the MP3 player, there is a clip, which makes this MP3 best for those who are looking for a budgeted MP3 player to enjoy workout like running, walking and weight lifting etc.

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5# SanDisk – Best Budget MP3 Player 2021 UK

This is one of the most popular MP3 players with the most positive reviews. It is popular because it has been sold most as compared to any other best budget MP3 players. It should be because of its small size, lightweight, and availability of the same device in different storage capacity and styles. This MP3 player gets charged in a very short time and gives really good playback time. To learn more about it, let see what make it popular:

Playback time: Usually the small size devices come up with short playback time, but not this one as it allows you to play music continuously for up to 18 hours.

Charging time: As it is a small MP3 player, so do its battery which means that it can be charged within an hour.

Storage capacity: This SanDisk MP3 player is available in three different capacity; 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB with the option to expand the storage up to 32GB.

Sound quality: This MP3 player delivers really high quality and rich sound which makes the workout more fun and pleasurable. It supports all the major audio formats including iTunes.

Features: Built-in FM, voice recorder, earphones, radio tuner and 2-year limited warranty are the main features that may attract anyone to buy this stylish MP3 right now.

This MP3 player is available in different styles. So, whether you are male or female, there are options available for both of you.

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6# Digital Clip Music Player with FM Radio 2021 UK

We always thought that the small MP3 will come up with limited features, while this is not true. Just look at our next pick of best beget MP3 players. This small and lightweight MP3 has all those things which you can expect from any latest MP3 player. You can record audio, make folders, set a calendar and even enjoy the OTG function through these MP3 players. Let’s see what other features of this MP3 below are:

Playback time: This small MP3 player which is also very cheap in price comes up with very excellent playback time. The total playback time of this MP3 player is more than 30 hours once the device is fully charged.

Charging time: Due to the size of the mp3 player, it can be charged very fast. As compared to other MP3 players, this is the fastest charging mp3 player because it gets charged within 1 hour only.

Storage capacity: This MP3 player is available in a single storage option only which is 8GB. But don’t worry as you can extend the storage with the help of an SD card. The device supports a memory card up to 32 GB.

Sound quality: On Amazon, the customers are very happy with the sound quality as it gives the real lossless sound with high quality. It supports dozens of audio formats along with those which are not usually supported by MP3 players.

Features: This is a Bluetooth mp3 player which comes up with other functions like voice recording, FM radio, and even an LCD screen to know which song is playing etc. You can also create a playlist, read e-books and much more.

This is a cheap, small in size and light in weight MP3 player which is not mean to created for runners and travellers only but for every person who loved to listen to music.

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7# AGPTEK – Best Mp3 Player with Long Better Life 2021 UK

Get bored with old looking MP3 players? Don’t worry out next pick will surely make you happy as this MP3 player is not only available in different colours but also in different designs with some latest features which we all were looking for but could not have due to old technology. Let’s take a look below on the number of features that this lightweight and budgeted MP3 has offered to us.

Playback time: What if I tell you that this MP3 player gives the playback time of 3 whole days? Yes, this is true, once this MP3 player has been charged fully; you can enjoy the music for up to 70 hours.

Charging time: To get the 70 hours playback time, you need to charge this MP3 player for only 3-4 hours where it can be also charged up to 80% within 2 hours only.

Storage capacity: The basic storage capacity of this MP3 is only 8GB which allow you to save hundreds of audio files. To store more audio files you can use the SD card up to 128GB and store thousands of songs.

Sound quality: This MP3 player gives very Hi-Fi entry-level and lossless sound quality. You can even enjoy the music in a gathering of loud people. This is one of few MP3 players that support dozens of audio formats.

Features: Don’t just get impressed with 70 hours playback time; here are some other features to discuss. This MP3 player has FM radio, sound recorder, options to shuffle the music, support multiple languages and weight only 1.1 oz.

This is a very lightweight MP3 player which is ideal for driving, sport, workout, and jogging. One must have it if he/she got tired of old and weighted MP3 players or similar devices.

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8# Best Budget MP3 Player with Bluetooth & FM Radio/Recorder 2021 UK

An MP3 player is not just a device to enjoy the music but also enhance your personality. That’s why never compromise with the design of an MP3 player device. This stylish MP3 is not just the best in term of look but also among the best budget mp3 play due to its very low price. It is light in weight, amazing in look and has all the advanced features which one want in a budgeted MP3 player. Let’s take a look at its features below:

Playback time: Do not just get impressed with the stylish design and look of this MP3 player but also with other features like playback time. This MP3 by Dansrueus allows you to enjoy music continuously up to 25 hours once fully charged.

Charging time: This is one of few MP3 players available in the market who get charged very fast and easily. The charging time for this beautiful device is only 1.5 hours. Yes, once you charged you can enjoy up to 25 hours playback time.

Storage capacity: The basic device comes up with the 8GB storage but there are options to expand it with the help of an SD card. You can expand the storage up to 64GB. The SD card is not included and you have to purchase separately.

Sound quality: The Dansrueus’s MP3 player offer high-quality sound where it is easy to shuffle and have the ability to make sound lossless. It supports all the major audio formats from MP3 to APE, FLAC, WMA, OGG, and AAC etc.

Features: FM radio, Bluetooth 4.0, file browsing, voice recording and E-book reading are some of the main features which make this MP3 player exclusive from others while it does have touch buttons and to control the music and volume etc.

This is an ideal, small and awesome looking MP3 player which is available for a very cheap price. It is a good choice for music fans, travellers, and runners etc.

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9# AGPTEK Clip MP3 Player with Bluetooth 2021 UK

Don’t get confused by its design as it is available in multiple designs at the same price. This is one of the latest MP3 players available in the market as it has all the advanced features which an MP3 player lover wants including Bluetooth, FM radio, the option to store thousands of songs and the highest capacity to store music and other audio files. Let’s look at its features below and see what makes it a special MP3 player:

Playback time: As this MP3 player comes up with advanced features like Bluetooth, that’s why its offer different playback time in different situations. For example, if you enjoy the music via headphone then it can last up to 24 hours where its timing is 5 hours on Bluetooth and 8.5 hours if you are listening to FM radio.

Charging time: This beautiful looking small MP3 player does not only have excellent battery life but also a fast life of charging. The battery fully charged within 3 hours.

Storage capacity: This MP3 player comes up in multiple storage options. You can buy its available in 8 GB and 16 GB capacity but it can be increased up to 128 GB with the help of a memory card.

Sound quality: This mp3 has 4.5 ratings and this is because of crystal clear sound quality for which the people buy an MP3 player. In extras, this MP3 player WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA and many more audio formats.

Features: For ideally this MP3 player has been made for sports lovers as it comes up with a back clip, light in weight and easily adjust in the pocket. This MP3 also has Bluetooth, FM radio and personal playback settings etc.

Get this MP3 player to enjoy the music while you are jogging, working out in the gym or just taking a long walk. Its lightweight will surely make your activities more comfortable.

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10#  Mini MP3 Player 2021 UK

This MP3 player is not only just tiny in size but also constructed with solid material but these are not the only things that make you buy this MP3 player right now and enjoy the music. This MP3 player by AGPTEK has excellent battery timing, storage and a number of features which can impress anyone. Let’s look at its features, storage capacity and battery timing and what makes this MP3 player best among all:

Playback time: Looking for an MP3 player which allows you to enjoy music for the whole day without worrying about charging? Here it is. This MP3 can play music continuously for up to 28 hours at medium volume.

Charging time: To enjoy music for a whole day without any interruption, you need to charge this beautiful looking MP3 player only for 2 hours. Yes, it will be fully charged within 2 hours and ready to play for 28 hours.

Storage capacity: A MP3 with an external storage option can ease your problem to store unlimited music. This MP3 player is available in three different versions with 8 GB and 16 GB options. But do not worry as you can expand it up to 64 GB.

Sound quality: This MP3 player by AGPTEK is known for its high sound quality which allows you to enjoy the lyrics due to its crystal clear sound. To make it easy for everyone, this MP3 player support dozens of audio formats.

Features: The AGPTEK MP3 player is not made to enjoy the music only but you can use it as an FM radio and voice recorder (FM recording option also included). It has the option to bookmark songs, resume playback, clock screensaver and folder view features etc.

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Get this MP3 player due to advanced features which are hard to found in an MP3 player in such a cheap price. You can also create up to 50 playlists and set the song on repeat, and shuffle mode etc.

How to Choose the Best MP3 Player 2021 UK

This all depends on the preference. Some people prefer an MP3 player on the basis of storage capacity while others like an mp3 player with the highest number of playback hours.  Charging time, sound quality and other features are equally important. So, it is totally up to you to decide how you are going to purchase one.

For a person who is only purchasing an mp3 player to enjoy the music while working out or jogging, then he/she can compromise with the playback time but for travellers, the playback time and charging time is more important.

Also, look for the supported audio files as you won’t like to skip the songs just because your new mp3 player does not support a specific audio file format.

Things You Must Know Before Buying An MP3 Player

The most basic things to look at when purchasing an mp3 player are:

  • Playback time
  • Charging time and battery life
  • Storage capacity
  • Sound quality
  • Interface
  • Display and Usability
  • Waterproof Unit
  • Bluetooth Capability
  • Software
  • Accessories

You may also look at the features like FM, voice recording options, option to read eBooks and much more.

Mp3 Player Supported Media Formats

An MP3 player does not mean that it won’t play songs of other media formats. Mostly, the mp3 player supports all the audio file formats, but when you are purchasing one make sure that it should support the following formats:

  • WMA – Windows Media Audio
  • WAV – Waveform Audio
  • MIDI – Music Instrument Digital Interface.
  • AAC – Advanced Audio Coding
  • Ogg Vorbis – A free, open and unpatented music format
  • ADPCM – Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
  • ASF – Advanced Streaming Format
  • VQF – Vector Quantization Format
  • ATRAC – Sony’s Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding 3

The more is better so always look for an mp3 player which can support audio files beyond these audio files only.


In the era of Smartphone, people are now forgetting mp3 players. The reasons which make people stop a separate music device is the price that’s why we bring the list of only best budgets mp players which cost you very low. As compare to Smartphone or other music devices, the price is not the only thing which makes mp3 best but also the weight and easiness to carry them while you are enjoying your activities.

We hope that our list of best budget mp3 players will help you to purchase the best mp3 player online in 2020. If you have a better option to share, then do mention it in the comment section below.

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