25 Cheap & Best Budget Video Projectors 2020 UK

Best Home Theater Projectors 2020 UK

Projectors are the need for any office or institution for presentations but you can also buy it for your home if you love to watch movies on big screens.

Today, we will show you some affordable video projectors you can buy from the web. They produce high quality result.

1.Tronfy Full Color 130″ Entertainment Home Cinema Theater Multimedia

It is a LED LCD projector. It has a USB slot in it. Attach it with your VGA card and enjoy games and watch movies at 800x480p.

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2. Sangdo HD Home Cinema Multimedia 2020 UK

It is LED LCD projector.You can attach it with your laptop, PC or usb. You can also attach it to your laptop by HDMI cable. Watch movies at 1080pHD quality.

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3. Taotaole Multi-media Mini 800 Lumens

You can take it wherever you want because of its small size. It has an LED lamp with the life of 20,000 hours. It is not business presentations.

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4. ViewSonic PJD5255 XGA DLP Projector

You can watch 3D Blue ray video video with this projector. You can attach it to laptop with HDMI cable. It has 1 year warranty.

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5. Epson EX3220 SVGA 3 LCD Projector

It is a wireless projector, you can connect it your laptop or device without any wire. Its resolution is 800X600.

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6. Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector

It has 3000 Lumens color brightness. You can connect it to your laptop with HDMI cable to watch HD videos with 800X600 Resolution.

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7. Abdtech 130″ Mini LED Projector 2019

It is a mini home theater. It has a USB port, SD card slot, VGA port, HDMI port and AV port installed in it. Watch videos at 800X600 resolution.

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8. RIF6 CUBE – 2 Inch Pico DLP High-Res Mobile Projector 2019

It is mini projector that you can anywhere when you’re traveling. It is designed for mobiles and comes with mobile stand.

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9. ERISAN Mini Portable LCD LED Projector HD

It is available at 82% discount. Don’t miss this offer. You can watch 1080P HD video in it.

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10. Optoma HD26  – Best Home Theater Projector 2019

You can watch 3D movies on this projector at 1080p HD. It has 90 days warranty at lamp and 1 year warranty on other parts.

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11. BenQ W1070Home Theater Projecter 2019

You can watch 3D movies on this projector at 1080p HD. It has 2 HDMI ports installed in it.

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12. Leegoal(TM) Vivibright Mini Portable projector 2019

It has 100 Lumens Digital LED. It can support up to 1080p HD videos. It is not a projector for educational institutions.

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13. Xinda XD601 Full HD Multimedia projector 2019

It has a USB port, HDMI port, SD card slot and VGA port, AV port is not installed in it. Its maximum resolution is 1920×1080.

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14. LG Electronics PF1500 Full HD Smart Home Theater Projector 2020 UK

Its lamp life is upto 30,000 hours. It has a TV tuner feature in it. Its brightness is upto 1400 Lumens.=>Buy now

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15.Epson EX7230 Pro Projector

It has wide HD screen. It can brighten up to 3000 lumens. Order it right now and get 10% discount.

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16. Tenflyer LED Mini Portable Projector

It is 3D HD home theater projector which can run up to 1080p HD videos. It has HDMI and USB port installed in it.=>Buy now

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17. AomeTech UC40 Pro Mini Portable LCD LED Home Theater Cinema Projector

It has IR port, IP port, USB port and HDMI port installed in it. It supports up to 23 different languages.

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18. Rienar Multi-media projector –

You can connect it to your laptop with HDMI cable or VGA. Its resolution is 480X320 and brightness is up to 150 lummens.

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19. Crenova® XPE300 Mini Projector 2020 UK

You can use this mini projector as a home cinema or kids learning. It comes with the remote control.

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20. Mileagea LED Mini Projector – Best Projectors for Business Presentations 2020 UK

It has a resolution of 800X600. It has 2 HDMI and 2 USB interference in it. You can also use it for business presentations.

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21. Acer H5380BD Home Theater Projector

You can watch videos at 720p quality widescreen. It is perfect for Blue ray videos.

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22. PowerLead Gypo UC40 Projector

Its brightness is up tp 800 lumens. It has 12 months warranty. You can watch videos at 1080p HD on it.

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23. CiBest® LED Projector – Best Projectors of 2020 UK

It comes with HDMI cable. It can run up to 800X480P HD video. Its brightness is up to 1000 lumens.

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24. AAXA P300 Pico/Micro LED Projector

You can take it wherever you want because of its small size. Its lamp life is up to 15,000 hours.

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25. Aketek Multimedia Projector – Best Home Theater Projectors 2020 UK

It supports up to 1080p HD videos. A best projector for home cinema or gaming. Available in black color.

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