15 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Better Marketing of your Brand

pinterest marketing tips

Last updated September 13th, 2013 at 07:10 pm

Day by day awareness for social Networking is increasing among Internet users. Everyday more and more people are joining Social Networking Websites for fun and Information. Most of these people join Social Networks or we can better say that Social Media Sites for better connectivity with friends and more than that for better and Instant Source of information on the Internet.


We as Bloggers and Internet Marketers have to Join Social Networking sites for Better and Targeted audience and Customers through which we can get better Leads and Sales. Usually we join all the Social Networking sites on the Internet but The main thing is that we just have to join few of them to Build the Identity of our Brands or Businesses in Online world.

pinterest marketing tips

Pinterest is a Social Networking site where people come and Pin the web pages on some Pages called Pinboards. Pin Boards are created by Users to show specific community, Brand or Business. Users having access of Pinning web pages to pin-boards can pin the Web Pages on those Boards by going to any web page and Use Pin Button.

These Boards allows people to follow those Communities, Brands or Businesses for Informative purpose or just for fun. This allows Bloggers and Online marketers to Spread the word of their brands or Businesses too fast. This can be done easily by Using Pinterest in the Best way to get Better results.

Today I am Going to Tell you 15 Pinterest Marketing Tips using which you can get a Big Change in your Work and you can get better visibility for your Brand or Business in the Online world.

1 –  You should only pin the Related Web Page on Related PinBoard to target Users.

2 – It is Good for SEO: Pinterest is Indexed by Google and it really provides you good backlinks, Remember to Pin and ask your Friends to repin those pins for more exposures.

3 –You can do Repin Exchanges for better Reach and User targeting.

4 – Ask friends to allow you to pin on their PinBoards and allow them to Pin on your’s, But as I said before Be Relevant to the topic of PinBoard.

5 – Always follow and repin the pins of your Clients or Customers.

6 – Observe the Content which is re pinned the most and again Repin that content to increase vitality.

7 – Try to Explain something in the picture you are pinning for specific Web Page to Increase User Interest.

8 –Always create Pictures which are Taller instead of Wider because in Pinterest Taller pictures are displayed more accurately.

9 –Use Hash tags for related keywords in the description of the Pin for more exposure.

10 –Your content is search able so always try to put little description below each of your Pin.

11 – Repinning encourages Following and more people follow your board or your profile so try to do repining of related topics on your pin-boards more often for getting more followers.

12-You can tell your followers more about your website and about you, so try to connect your website and your social accounts with Pinterest profile for more better Promotion.

13 –Try to make Pin-boards on the topics which are Hot at the time, like Arts, Home, Crafts, Technology, etc.

14 –Try to Pin at least one Informative Photo in a day, because consistent members are more likely to be followed.

15 –Find out what Motivates your followers and use Pinterest to Call them for taking action.

These were some of the Pinterest Marketing tips for better Marketing of your Business or Brand. Hope that you got some information from this post, and yea Main point is Consistency so be consistent in Pinning to get more customers and followers.

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