10 Ways to Teach Your Children With the Help of Facebook

Teach Your Children

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:00 am

Dealing with and teach your children different stuff can be a really challenging matter especially when they are growing up and in teen-age period. This is the time of life when your children want to become independent but only you know that they don’t have the level of maturity that is required to become an independent person. For that reason, you need to keep an eye on their activity all the time while maintaining a space so they don’t feel like someone is jeopardizing their privacy. There is no doubt that being a parent is the most difficult job of this world but if you become a tech savvy person just like your kids, you can definitely become a cool parent who knows each and everything about their children.


Facebook being the most commonly used social network all over the world is also the most famous social website among teenagers too. It doesn’t matter what your children do, they must have a profile/ page on Facebook with the help of which they stay in contact with their friends all the time. You can use that to teach your children new things.  Why don’t you also make a Facebook account to keep an eye on their activity and punish them for every wrong doing in a technological way? Below are 10 different ways to punish your children with the help of Facebook and make them behave with good manners.

Teach Your Children
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1 – Make use of embarrassing baby pictures

Whenever your child shows some kind of immature behavior which is not acceptable for you as a parent, you can use his/ her embarrassing childhood photo and publish it on Facebook so all the family members and friends can see that. On Facebook, your teenage boy is a hero and he would never let anything come between his heroic image and fame. As soon as you will put an embarrassing childhood photo, he will realize that he has done something wrong and ask for forgiveness. This is a cool way to make your children behave maturely.

2 – Communicate through their wall if they don’t respond to your calls

Teens are quite famous for ignoring parent’s calls altogether and becoming really irresponsible. It doesn’t mean that you should leave your teen on its own. Instead of calling him/ her again and again, start posting messages on their Facebook wall. Their Facebook wall is like a temple for them and they don’t like anyone throwing dirt on it not even their own parents. This will help them realize that every time, there is a call from you, it must be answered immediately.

3 – Take photos of their dirty room

It is quite obvious that a teenage boy/ girl will keep their room messy all the time. They are so busy in their fantasy world that there is no time for cleaning. As a result, you have to clean their room. This is not a good solution and they must learn to keep their room clean. All you need to do is to take the pictures of messy room and put all the things on auction at Facebook. This will be really embarrassing moment for your kids but as a result, they will start keeping their room clean all the time.

4 – Interrupt Facebook conversations for talking back kids

Kids also have a habit of talking back to their parents. With the passage of time, they realize that it is not a good habit and also not cool from any point of view. However, this time duration is quite challenging and embarrassing for parents. You can simply start interrupting their Facebook conversations to teach them a lesson. They will realize that talking back is not good and there are huge chances that your children will drop that bad habit as well.

5 – Keep an eye on their Facebook events list

If your teen daughter often misses family events then it simply means that she is busy somewhere else. To get an idea, you can take a look at her Facebook events list. This will give you a clear idea about her interests and why she has been missing all those family events. You can talk to her about this issue and also plan the events while taking her in confidence. This will boost relationship between you and your baby girl.

6 – Fill the feeds with study material for getting poor grades

Even very shining and bright students can get poor grades at times. If it happens only once or twice, it can be ignored but a continuous poor performance in class tests and exams is not acceptable. You can simply start filling their Facebook timeline with study material. You can share bog posts about making a timetable, some e-books about studying harder and making a good career move. This will help them understand the importance of education very easily.

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7 – Use Facebook tags to get connected with them

There is a possibility that your teenage boy starts becoming distant from you. it is not because he hates you but because he has started making new friends and now his time is divided into several different activities. Still, children should always be close to parents and share every problem. If you are feeling that your children are getting far from you, it is time to start using tagging feature on Facebook. Write a status update and tag the children in it. This will get them notified about your status and since they are tagged, it will be a social obligation to reply.

8 – Like the pages of their favorite TV shows, Movies and Comic Characters

Children have a common complaint with parents that they don’t understand them. This complaint has a solid background because the world of teenagers and parents in forties is totally different. However being a parent, it is your responsibility to get to know about your children. For starters, you can like the same pages that they have liked on Facebook and learn the terminologies used by the children of latest generation. This will help you understand their jokes and get their meaning very easily too.

9 – Use your status updates wisely and creatively

Teenagers will always remain teenagers and no force in the world can change this fact. You have to deal with them as long as they are going through that period of life. Teenagers often forget about family events and that causes a lot of problem for parents because they have to answer the family members. This situation can be avoided by putting an event invite on Facebook and then updating the status of the event frequently. This will help your children remember the date and time of the event and forgetting about the family meeting will be almost impossible. Also, if your children miss that event and claim to have forgotten about it completely, you can show them the Facebook event page where they accepted the event invitation themselves. This will help them learn a lesson very quickly.

10 – Be Friends with all their Friends on Facebook

This point is very important. Your main goal is keep an eye on your children and know what they are doing. This can be done very easily by becoming friends with all their friends on Facebook. Simply send them a friend request and they will surely accept it knowing that it is coming from the parents of one of their friends. You can then keep an eye on the activity of your children and their friends very easily as they love to share each and everything on Facebook.

So, you see, keeping an eye on your children and teaching them lessons is not that difficult. You just need to become a little bit creative and tech savvy. Facebook and other social networks has made it really easy for parents to get to know their children in a better way.

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