10 September, 2013 – iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Are Just Coming

Will iPhone 5C,iPhone 5S will release on 10 September, 2013

Apple just have started sending invitations to technology related companies in the whole world to join their upcoming event which is going to held on 10 September, 2013. Everybody is thinking that Apple is going to release next iPhone model called iPhone 5S on this upcoming event. There is another rumour in the market that Apple is coming to release to smartphones i,e two new models of the iPhone iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

Will iPhone 5C,iPhone 5S will release on 10 September, 2013


None was expecting that apple will release two iPhone models at same day and that too in no time ( mean less than usual ). But its still nothing more than a rumour that apple will release two new phones. But have you ever thought why Apple will release two iPhone model at same day 10 September, 2013? Is apple afraid of something? Something means other competitors of the Apple in the smartphone market which are providing smartphone in different designs, prices and with different specifications.

Specially Samsung, Is apple afraid of Samsung? So it is going to release two iPhone models at same day with different specifications and prices. So, finally apple have decided to increase its market? I don’t think so that apple is afraid of something or want to lower the price of the iPhone. Because iPhone is a VIP brand which have its own market and none can hit that market so easily.

Its expected that iPhone 5C  which is rumoured to release on 10 September, 2013 will have be available in 4 different colors White, Yellow, Blue and Pink. iPhone 5S will be available in three different colours white, black and gold and its may also have 13 mega pixels camera with LED flash light. Its expected that new models will be available in Apple store after 20 September and will be released on 10 September, 2013. But I don’t think so that Apple will release two new iPhone models on same day, do you?

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